Abducted and Used Ch. 02

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Pardon my interchange of tenses. When writing a story like this, sometimes you are in the story in the present, at other times you are remembering. Enjoy.

Moments later Kasey feels the straw at her mouth again, but refuses to suck. Apart from the fact she is well and truly drunk now, her bladder is filling quickly and she doesn’t know how long she will have to hold on in her plan to avoid disobeying Mistress Danielle.

She doesn’t have to wait long for her next test. Kasey feels the strong hands she felt earlier being placed on her arse cheeks and almost undetectably, she is pulled back about 7 even inches from her natural position in her “chair”, much the same as you would pull someone back on a swing.

The next thing she feels against her wet slit is much more familiar. It’s warm, it’s fleshy and despite only being the very tip, she recognizes it as the head of a cock. Kasey’s sight being taken away has heightened her other senses greatly, so she can also smell the difference in gender, the smell of testosterone is unmistakably male.

The hands holding her let go and gravity returns her to her normal position in the chair and along the way her tight cunt slides along my hard pole until our pubic bones meet, as well as her fleshy arse and my bloated balls coming together with a slapping kiss. I can feel Kasey’s very sensitized pussy walls gripping my cock as I fill her and she can feel every vein, lump and contour of my steel hard cock. The position Kasey is in, in the chair and my position means that penetration is to the max.

I push my hips forward very slightly and the swinging properties of the ropes cause Kasey to move back along my cock until the very tip is inside her. Gravity causes her to return along the path of my pole, her clit slapping into my pubic bone.

I continue flipping my hips and sometimes Kasey’s pussy slips off the end of my cock, but me staying completely still and the consistency of the arc of the swing, along with her wetness and my stiffness means that when she swings back, my cock enters her as if it was always inside. The feeling is breathtaking as the only contact our bodies have are the connection of our sexual centres, being my cock and her cunt and the spanking of my balls on her anus and her clit on my pubis. When we connect, Kasey’s big tits shake like jelly and I can’t resist fondling them, cupping them in hands and using my thumbs to press her nipples back into her pillowy tit flesh.

After only 20 strokes, I reach around and grab the soft tissue of Kasey’s arse and grind against her as my cock jolts inside her. Each jolt brings with it a huge spurt of spunk from my full sac, the feeling of each spurt is out of this world.

Under normal circumstances, Kasey would have sprayed her girl spunk all over me by now, but the combination of her full bladder and her trying to think of the most awful things she can, means that she still hasn’t defied Mistress Danielle. She wonders to herself if it wouldn’t have been worth a beating to have cum at the same time as me.

As well as the stunning sensations of our fucking, there are other reasons I was so hard and came so quickly. Watching all of the action so far has contributed, but also the fact that every woman present (except Kasey) has had my cock in their mouth or pussy or both.

When I withdraw, Kasey feels another new sensation. Once it is done she realizes what has happened, but she’s unsure of how. As I carefully withdraw making sure not to spill any of my seed, Xaviera places a plastic bulldog clip over Kasey’s flaps, making sure that my spunk doesn’t fall out. It’s not painful for Kasey as the plastic clip only has enough pressure to seal her hole.

Again, Kasey is left to hang. These gaps in the action are really not very long, but to Kasey, they seem much longer. The advantage of this is that she is able to recover from being at the brink of orgasm. She is offered more alcohol, but again refuses.

She is now in a catch 22 situation. If she lets go of the contents of her bladder into the pot, she will surely cum soon, but if she doesn’t, she may well wee on the ground, incurring Danielle’s wrath anyway. She is still trying to hear what is happening around her, but Kasey has cleverly ensured that she is largely deprived of this sense as well as her sight.

The clip is removed from Kasey’s lips and is immediately replaced by a mouth. Zoe allows gravity to make the combination of my jism and Kasey’s juices fall into her mouth, drinking it down with glee. When the flow ebbs, she slips her tongue inside Kasey, moving Kartal Türbanlı Escort her tongue around so that it is coated in our slime and pushing it again and again until Kasey’s cunt is licked clean. Well, as clean as it can be as she drips more and more juice as a result of her tongue flicking around in there.

Yet again, Kasey is left hanging but this time it is for much longer. However she has been rewarded in a way as small headphones are placed over her ears. The sounds of The Sports “Who Listens to The Radio” and “Don’t Throw Stones” and then The Radiators’ “Gimme Head” and “Sorry” fill her head. She wonders if this is an attempt to dull her other senses, because the combined concentration of feelings in her bladder and clit have unquestionably subsided.

As Thin Lizzie’s “Boys Are Back In Town” is half way through, Kasey feels something soft and wet moving over her tight little puckered arsehole. It is, without doubt, a tongue and the surprise of the sudden sensation brings her sense of touch back to the fore and she can feel her clit becoming stiff again and is now aware once more of the fullness of her bladder.

The tongue performs butterfly licks around her anus and then moves from her perineum, past her puckers, along her arse crack and back again. This carries on for some time before the headphones are removed and the hot breath returns to her ear as Danielle whispers “You now have my permission to cum.”

Kasey’s head is swimming with thoughts. She desperately wants to cum, while the tonguing she is receiving is incredible, that alone won’t make her cum, she absolutely has to piss and she won’t be able to cum until she does. She gathers her thoughts and yells “piss, piss” and in a second she feels the pot between her thighs.

At the same instant she lets go, her blindfold is removed and she looks down to that the chamber pot has been removed and I am lying down in front of her and Xaviera is pumping her fist up and down my cock, which has been lubricated with KY jelly.

Her senses are flooded again and her mind goes from taking in what is happening to the relief of her bladder emptying to thinking what is happening is disgusting. In spite of this, the sight of her clear piss jetting against the sensitive underside of the head of my cock, Xaviera’s hand masturbating me and the fact that hot white cum is now spraying out of the eye of my cock as the combination of her piss and Xaviera’s wanking makes a delightful wet slurping sound, makes her so horny she realizes she is cumming as she pisses.

From my perspective, what has happened leading up to has been tremendously enjoyable, but not as satisfying as the culmination. After I had cum inside Kasey, I took time to recover and then allowed each of the other 7 women there, including Danielle and Valerie to prove that they had the best hand skills.

None of them lacked any skills in that area but Xaviera was vastly superior, she seemed to be reading my mind and whenever I wanted a change in technique, she moved on to exactly what I wanted, sometimes massaging just the head and then sliding her hand up and down the shaft slowly, then quickening the speed, before slowing down again. She would use one hand to hold my partial foreskin back and the index finger of her other hand to spread my pre-cum juices over the sensitive area behind the helmet.

By the time I chose Xaviera, I was well and truly hard and ready to cum again. Danielle had kindly worked everything else around the moment I was ready to cum. I lay down in front of Kasey and Xaviera started masturbating me and lowered her mouth to suck the head of my cock. She moved her head down and sucked and licked the underside of my head, where it meets the shaft.

When I am ready to cum and I nod towards Danielle who tells Kasey she can cum. Danielle then removes her blindfold. We both knew that the first Kasey would want to do was to piss. The sight of the clear stream coming from Kasey’s pussy, the feeling of her warm piss splashing on my cock and balls, washing away the jelly and replacing it as lubricant for Xaviera’s magic hand, made me cum in bucket loads, despite the fact that I had filled Kasey’s cunt with my spunk not long before.

As I clean myself up, Kasey is wondering what she can do to cum again. The orgasm she just had was nice, but minor, not the explosive one she is looking for. Ursula kneels in front of Kasey, mopping the excess piss from her pussy. Instead of standing back up, she throws the towel away and puts her face against Kasey’s pussy, slipping her tongue Kartal Otele Gelen Escort inside and moving it in and out with a fucking motion.

Kasey hears movement behind her as the other slaves begin to move in front of her and she sees for the first time, those who have been ravishing her body. They are all dressed similarly, wearing different coloured basques, showing off their tits and cunts. Some are wearing stockings as well, others are bare legged.

She sees Zoe first. Zoe is a reasonably tall woman with average sized breasts and a thin brown bush, matching the hair on her head. Kasey can see quite clearly that her pussy lips are shaved. Zoe lies down and slides her head between Ursula’s legs and starts eating her. By now Ursula has moved her mouth to Kasey’s clit and is sucking it gently and when Zoe starts licking her out she moans in appreciation, sending vibrations through Kasey’s clit.

Ursula then pushes three finger into Kasey’s pussy and encounters no resistance at all, her hands and fingers are small and Kasey’s cunt wants to be filled. Now Wendy sways her hips as she walks towards Zoe’s legs.

She is shorter than Zoe and pleasantly plump. She has dark hair and just the smallest tuft on her mound, she too is shaved everywhere else. Wendy is holding a long double-ended dildo and as she kneels between Zoe’s leg, she licks the head of one end and then puts it in her mouth in a sucking motion while looking Kasey in the eye with a cheeky look.

Ursula has now pushed her fourth finger inside Kasey’s wet, open hole and Kasey feels hands on her arse cheeks. They are Xaviera’s big hands again.

Xaviera is a very tall blonde with enormous tits and long stiff, pink nipples. As Ursula places her thumb against Kasey’s opening, Xaviera pushes Kasey forward onto Ursula’s small hand and the whole thing slips inside Kasey.

The feeling is extraordinary, while Ursula’s fist is fairly small and Kasey has taken it comfortably, the inside of her pussy has never felt so full and stretched. Ursula pushes her fist forward until half of her arm is inside Kasey’s hot cunt. She starts fist fucking Kasey slowly and as she pushes her fist and arm in and out of Kasey she twists her arm.

Meanwhile, Kasey is also enjoying the sight of Wendy pushing the wet end of the dildo inside Zoe’s wet hole. Once she has the fake cock about 6 inches inside Zoe, Wendy lies down and places the other end of the dildo against her lips, sliding it up and down and making it wet with her juices. She pushes the head inside her pussy and start sliding her body along, pushing more of the shaft inside her and a little bit more inside Zoe. She keeps filling her cunt until only about 3 inches of the 16 inch dildo are visible and then she starts humping against it, fucking Zoe and herself at the same time.

Yolanda joins in the action and takes one of Wendy’s tits in her mouth and then goes from Wendy to Zoe and back again, sucking and licking each of their nipples in turn. All this time Zoe continues to lick Ursula’s clit and all six women are connected in a chain of sex.

Ursula can feel Kasey’s pussy starting to contract in pre-orgasm movements and she carefully slips her fist from her. She pushes her index and middle finger back inside Kasey and bends them at the knuckle so that she can massage the pad of skin at the top of the inside of Kasey’s cunt. The nerves of this pad are connected with a woman’s clit and as Ursula manipulates it she also sucks Kasey’s clit.

She can feel Kasey getting closer and closer to cumming and starts to increase the speed of her fingers, rubbing them faster and faster over her G spot. She feels Kasey’s cunt walls tighten on her fingers and start to spasm. Kasey feels the uncontrollable urge to piss, but has learnt not to hold back because the reward for not holding back is great. Ursula moves her mouth away and pushes her tits out towards Kasey’s pussy, she knows what is about to happen and she doesn’t want to miss a drop.

As Kasey’s orgasm explodes through her hole body, her nipples stiffen as hard as they can be, all of her muscles tense and when Xaviera’s finger starts to tickle her arsehole she explodes.

The first spurt of girl spunk hits Ursula’s tits with great force and splashes everywhere. It runs over Ursula’s nipples and down her belly. She spurts again and Ursula moves her face in front of it and catches some in her mouth. The third, fourth and fifth spurts all travel down Ursula’s body and Ursula comes in Zoe’s mouth. Not in the same way as Kasey, but a lot of juice Kartal Ucuz Escort runs from her pussy into Zoe’s mouth, joining Kasey’s spunk which has run down Ursula’s belly, following the contours of her smooth pubic mound and onto her cunt.

While she has stopped spurting, Kasey’s whole body is still spasming with the sensations centred inside her cunt and radiating out to all ends of her body. She watches as Ursula turns the top half of her body towards Xaviera and Xaviera bends to take each of her tits in her mouth, licking and sucking Kasey’s juice from them.

Wendy and Zoe have now just laid back because Yolanda has pushed them apart a little and has grasped the exposed length of dildo in her hand. She is moving her fist back and forth, fucking each woman in turn, one movement sliding an inch out of Zoe and into Wendy and vice versa. Zoe and Wendy are appear to be close to cumming, if the sloshing, slurping noises their wet cunts are making as the dildo fucks them hard and fast is anything to go by.

Zoe calls out “Yes Yolanda, fuck me, push it into me hard, I’m cumming, I’m cumming now.” As Zoe starts to hump really hard against Yolanda’s hand and the dildo, Kasey realises that this is the first time she has heard anyone but Danielle and Ursula speak (and that was only whispers).

It seems that Kasey being allowed to cum was also a sign that everyone else could now speak. Zoe calls out again “Ooooh fuck yes, give it to me I’m fucking cumming” as her head moves from side to side and her eyes are closed tight.

Soon Yolanda slows her hand down and Zoe’s body relaxes. Zoe slides her body away and the shiny dildo, covered in Zoe’s juices, slips out of her satisfied pussy. Yolanda is left with half of the dildo inside Wendy and the other end protruding from her fist. She looks up at Kasey and says to anyone who will listen, “Bring her down and put her on the other end of this.”

Danielle and I grab some ropes and lower Kasey to the ground so that her arse and back are flat on the ground as are her arms, stretched over her head. Her knees are still in the air and spread wide apart, the petals of her cunt lips are also spread apart and her hole is open slightly, seemingly waiting to be filled. Danielle and I again manipulate the ropes and pulleys so that Kasey’s body moves forward, closer to the head of the dildo being held for her.

The head and about 3 inches enter her and she moans at the feeling of being filled again. Wendy raises herself on her feet and hands, pushing herself towards Kasey and also pushing another 4 inches of the dildo inside Kasey.

Kasey groans even louder and then Yolanda starts her wanking motion again, pushing more of the dildo into Kasey and sliding the same amount out of Wendy, then pushing more of the length into Wendy and out of Kasey. Wendy’s motion is fairly slow, allowing each woman at either end to feel the bumps and veins of the dildo against their pussy walls.

Surprisingly, my cock is stirring back into action after already having cum twice, due to a combination of the action in front of me and the diminutive Ursula sucking it. I take my semi hard cock out of her mouth, with Kasey’s wobbling tits in my sight.

I move around beside her and rub the head over nipple, making both stiffen. Kasey groans again, louder this time as she feels the spongy contours of my cock head sliding over her hard nipple. I move around repeat the action, but this time my salty juices are leaking from the eye and making her nipple wet and making the sliding very slippery.

Xaviera moves her head towards Kasey’s nipple, licking my juices from it and licking the head of my cock as her hand moves down Kasey’s body. Xaviera’s fingers move over Kasey’s clit, rubbing the hard button slowly, but deliberately. The intensity of the stimulation Kasey is receiving causes her to arch her body, which Wendy was prepared for and she removes her hand.

Almost as if she knew too, Wendy arches her body at the same time, lunging forward, the two movements causing the whole 16 inches of the dildo to disappear inside the women, their pussy lips touching as if kissing. Through gritted teeth, Wendy says, “Don’t stop pushing bitch, I’m cuuuuuming. Oh, fuck yes, yes, yes.”

Wendy now just moans and groans as her pussy grips the shaft of the dildo, her juices streaming out around it and splashing onto Kasey’s thighs.

Kasey is close to cumming herself as Wendy collapses exhausted, but happy. Unfortunately for Kasey, this leaves her on the brink of orgasm and she wants to shove as much of the huge dildo inside herself as she can. But she can’t, her hands are tied above her head. Despite Xaviera still rubbing her clit, she needs to be shafted. Xaviera grabs the dildo but instead of shafting Kasey with it, she pulls it out of her, making her feel empty inside and unsatisfied.

To be continued……..

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