A Stella , Margarita – Desert Sex Pt. 02


A Stella and Margarita story – Sex in the desert sands

Chapter Two — To Adelaide

This is the continuing story of Stella and Margarita. You can read this as a stand-alone story, but just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, it will make more sense if you see the whole picture.

This chapter begins in Birdsville, on the border of Queensland and South Australia.

As always, there is no underage sex as required by Lit policy. But as a reader, you will have to use your imagination.

As they packed up the land cruiser, Margarita insisted on driving the first section or at least halfway, Stella reluctantly agreed but warned her not to get reckless, that the outback gravel roads were unforgiving and any small error could see them rolling over.

Margarita just stood there looking at her fiancée and her eyes locked on her and then smiled at her and told her in her loving way, “You are way overprotective, you know that right?”

“Yes, get used to it,”

“Hey, in your dreams wifey pooh, I’m a big girl you know,”

“Wifey Pooh, you just called me wifey pooh, are you for real?” Came her reply. “And look in the mirror, you ain’t so big that I can’t put you over my knee and spank that cute butt of yours,” Stella reminded her.

“You really do know how to turn me on don’t you?”

“Just drive carefully, you drive until mid-afternoon and I’ll drive the rest of the way”

As soon as they got clear of Birdsville Stella got cold water for them both and put Margarita’s bottle in the holder between the seats and rested her hand on her knee. Mags smiled at the thoughtful touch, “I like that you do that,” she told Stella.

“Unlike you, I won’t distract you from your driving,” Stella told her.

“You can you know, I won’t mind,” Mags answered her as she looked over at her and the love in her eyes was so intense.

“I know you won’t mind, you have a one-track mind Margarita, concentrate on what you are doing, OK,”

Stella went quiet for about ten minutes before taking a long drink of water and started to talk. “Mags, sweetheart, I had a call with the Matron earlier this morning, there is another change of plan, once we get to the Alice we will be flying down to Adelaide. At this very moment, I don’t know any more than that. She will meet us there and tell me all I have to know once we get in the air. I made the point very clear to both her and the General that I am now a couple, so where I go you go.”

Mags looked at her with a concerned look on her face. ‘Good, glad you told them that we are one. Do you know what I am thinking right now?”

“No, but I am certain you are going to tell me,” Stella managed to get out before Mags continued.

“I think you are so special that these people can’t do without you,” Mags told her.

“HA!” Stella replied, “You don’t know the army babe, no one is that special,”

They drove on in silence for another hour and then for no apparent reason, Margarita started to slow down. She pulled the car off the road into the scrub. “Oh,” said Stella, “Feeling frisky again are we?”

“Hahahaha, you should be so lucky, no we are going to do some more practice with that gun of yours,”

“Oh, are we and what makes you think that sweetheart?” Stella asked.

“Because I asked nicely,” she said in reply as she turned the car off. As soon as they got out of the air-conditioned cabin two things happened, the flies found them, and the heat assaulted their senses.

“I had forgotten how hot the Simpson can be,” Stella stated. “And these fucking flies, come from nowhere, are you sure you want to do this now?”

“Yep, I am positive of it,”

Stella this time took the smaller pistol from her ankle holster the Heckler & Koch P9S and carefully handed it to Margarita, all the while the vivid memories of the night she dispensed with Mag’s brothers and father, assaulted her memory. This was the first time she had ever had ‘flashbacks’ of any sort, not once had her previous life ever disturbed her.

Margarita looked at the pistol and felt the weight of it and balanced it in her hand, then asked Stella, how to cock it and where the safety was. Stella was in another place this was the first time that Mags had seen her Stell this distracted.

“Hey babe, if this is bothering you, I can wait, honest,”

“No, no let’s do it now, I was just thinking about things,” Stella answered her.

Stella showed her how to cock the smaller gun and where the safety was, she then stood behind Margarita as she carefully raised the pistol, then lowered it.

“How many rounds in the magazine babe?”

Stella smiled at the question, “I thought you forgot about it, just the nine rounds,”

Margarita told her lover that she was going to use all nine rounds, Stella just grunted in reply.

Mags looked over her shoulder at Stella then looked back and pointed to a small rocky formation about 50 yards away, she fired the first shot and the gun jumped in her hand, she was startled. “WOW, this feels different, more powerful,”

“Just an illusion Mags, keep bursa escort going, this time try and hit the target,”

“Was that sarcasm, did you just use sarcasm on me?” Mags asked.

She then shot 4 quick rounds, each one hitting the rocky formation. She stopped, took a deep breath and shot four remaining rounds off, each one again hitting the target.

She turned to Stella who was smiling at her, “Good shooting, babe,”

Mags handed the pistol back to her, as instructed, this time burning her hand on the barrel. She screamed but didn’t drop the weapon, “Fuck that’s hot,”

“You know you are going to have to stop using that word once we have kids, don’t you?” Stella reminded her as they walked back to the car. She started to think about her mum and her gran and what they would think of Margarita. What would they think of her life?

Margarita looked up at her and stopped her before asking, “Are you ready for a family?”

“The question should be, are you ready, you’ll be doing all the work,”

“True, and yes I am ready if you want to,”

When they got back to the car Stell looked for some burns ointment in the first aid kit and gently applied it to her small soft hand. “I’ll clean the gun, you can watch,”

“Thank you, my love, now tell me, what is bothering you, babe,”

“Nothing sweetheart, really,” Stella replied.

“You promised me that you’d never lie to me, so why start now?”

Stella looked down at this child-like woman, this small pixie type of a person who knew her better than anybody else on the planet.

She started to wrap a cotton bandage around her burnt hand, careful to avoid touching the actual burnt area, then stuck a couple of pieces of tape on the end of it to hold it in place. “I’ll drive for now, until your hand heals,”

“Stop trying to change the subject and tell me, I hate it when you go all sullen and quiet on me,” Margarita told her. “That just isn’t you,”

Stella turned towards her, brushed the flies away from her wounded hand, and started to clean the H&K, the small side arm was, in fact, more powerful than the Ruger MKii she used yesterday, size doesn’t matter it seems.

She spoke as she cleaned the weapon, Mags looking on watching every move she made and listening to every word she spoke.

“Two things are on my mind, the first thing was a flashback, the first I have ever had, handling these guns again brought it all back to me, what I have done. The problem isn’t who they were, I know they deserved it, yes I played God for a short while, but they deserved it. I have never ever had second thoughts about killing. I have never had bad dreams or regrets, it was something I did, am good at and it serves a purpose, according to those in the know. But until today I have never had flashbacks. It scared me!” She told her Mags, who stood next to her, and she put her arm around her waist.

“Then there is you and this talk of babies, of getting married, and I thought of my mum and gran ma, they raised me on their own you know, and that house, that was burnt down was where I grew up, it meant a lot to me, and when you said it meant more to you than your family, well it all kind of built up inside of me. It is beginning to make sense, you and me, what I did, what I am being asked to do, I will have to go into training again, which means separation from you and I don’t want that. I made you a promise that I wouldn’t leave you again and here I am as soon as they snap their fingers I come running, pretty piss-weak if you ask me,”

“You are anything but weak Stella and I love you so much, words can’t explain my feelings, my thoughts,” She told her, “But listen, if you don’t want children that’s fine, it isn’t the be-all and end-all, you know. Shit, I think 90 per cent of the babies conceived are by accident in any case. It isn’t like a couple sitting watching TV and suddenly decides, of yeah, I think we’ll make a baby tonight,” She said while laughing and rocking her head from side to side. “Chances are they grab a quickie before going off to work and bingo, guess what,”

Stella sat at the end of the car and put the H&K back together again, listening to this wise old woman of 20. And Margarita’s eyes not missing a thing. Stella then put the gun in her holster pulled her jeans down over it and kissed Mags while tearing up, “You are so smart, you astound me at times,”

“You only say cause it’s true,” She replied and giggled.

Stella drove the rest of the way to Alice Springs, getting there at midnight. She drove straight to the airport, using the GPS, not even asking for directions from Mags, which miffed her a little but to be fair she had dozed on and off during the evening. She wasn’t fully awake.

As they pulled into the carpark, the Matron was there to greet them. The headlights were still on high beam, blinding the older woman, who put her hand up to cover her eyes, even at midnight she looked like a formidable woman Stella turned the car lights off and they got out of the land cruiser, she greeted them, “Hello you two, bursa escort bayan what kept you?” Then seeing Margarita’s hand asked, “and what happened to your hand Margarita?”

“I mishandled a gun and burnt my hand on the barrel,” Mags told her without batting an eyelid.

Stella closed her eyes and waited for the please explain. None came.

“Well, let’s get you onto our flight and get down to Adelaide, shall we? By the way, I am Tilley McMahon, since we haven’t been formally introduced, but you can call me Matron, everyone does. If you are not used to handling guns they have a habit of catching you unawares.” And she escorted her through the empty airport to a waiting RAAF Dassault Falcon 7x VIP jet waiting out of sight from the main building. “You still look so young, I thought it was my eyesight when I saw you the other night, my god, you still look like a child up close,”

Margarita gritted her teeth and smiled at the older woman, “I am 20, even though I don’t look it,”

The Matron looked over her should at Stella, “Come on Major, we have much to talk about,”

Stella grabbed everything she needed from the rear of the land cruiser and trotted off after them.

The VIP jet was designed to deliver important people around the country, quickly, quietly and in comfort. Hence it looked like the Taj Mahal to Margarita. She was seated in a seat opposite the Matron when Stella got into the jet, her 6’6″ [1.98m] frame meant she almost touched the ceiling just by standing up straight. She saw the blonde woman standing at the back of the cabin dressed as a flight hostess, but she knew she was anything but a hostess, just by the way she was standing, the two women eyeballed each other as Stella walked slowly towards the Matron and Margarita.

The Matron looked at Stella and instinctively knew what was going on, “Down boy, she is only here to take notes and to make certain I get home safely,” She told Stella. Mags was bubbling with excitement.

Margarita smiled and said, “Look at all this, just for you babe, you must be important?”

She just smiled at her and shrugged, “This isn’t for my benefit I can assure you of that,”

The Matron spoke up before any more questions were asked. “Yes, she is Margarita, very important,” Then turning to the blonde woman, she called out, “Join us Bianca and bring your notepad pad,”

Stella sat down next to Mags and looked sternly into the eyes of the Matron who gave as good as she got and then some. The blonde joined them sat down, crossed her legs and waited. The Matron gave the pilot orders to carry on. The plane prepared for take-off and then started its journey southwards down to Adelaide. A normal commercial flight takes around two hours, this one will take far less.

The Matron looked at Bianca and nodded, she opened her electronic note-pad and prepared to record their conversation.

Matron looked at Stella and asked how she was feeling.

“I’m doing fine, thank you,” She replied.

“If we are going to do this you need to be honest and frank with me Major. I have been authorized to speak freely, within reason, in front of the non-com, so cut out any soft talk and tell me how you are,”

The tone of the conversation took on a sudden chill. The two older women looked at each other with an intensity that if it could be harnessed would have powered the jet all the way to Adelaide and then some.

“Major, we know about your flashbacks, we know about your desire to be married, to have children, we know everything that has gone on since you made that first phone call,”

“You’ve been listening in to our conversations?” Asked Margarita,

Stella put her hand on Mag’s arm to calm her.

“It’s what they do sweetheart, I should have known, I’m slipping. I’m sorry babe, I’ve let you down,” She told Margarita.

“Oh My God, everything,” And Mags blushed with embarrassment. “Why for god’s sake, don’t they trust you?”

“Good question babe,” She then turned to the Matron, “Care to explain that to her Tilley?”

“There is nothing to explain,” the Matron said, “The Major is the best for what we want to be done, we had to be sure about you little Margarita. And now we are so, this is how we see it Major. You will go into training the day after tomorrow, and we will have little Margarita taught to look after herself. You two can marry at your convenience, and there is an IVF place available if you are serious about a family,”

Stella reached into her pocket and the blonde hostess became alert. The Matron raised her hand at her and she relaxed, as Stella pulled a phone from her jeans and dialled a number.

The General was wide awake even though it was just past 1:45 am where he was, “I’ve been expecting your call, what do you need to be clarified?” He asked the Major.

“Will you be my best man and godfather to my children?” She asked, it was her way of asking if she had been told the truth or not.

“Good lord woman, don’t you have any real friends, but if that’s what it takes, görükle escort bayan then yes I will be,”

“There is one more thing you have to do for me General, Margarita’s mother, we need to know what happened to her if she is in the ground or not. Is it a deal?”

There was silence for a short moment before the General said that he would have it investigated, “This is out of the blue Major, but yes it’s a deal, but your little escapade the other night will make it harder,” They ended their call.

Margarita sat there taking it all in, word by word.

Like a schoolgirl, she put her hand up to speak. She looked at Stella, “Why do you need their permission to marry me and for ME to have children?” Stella could see the fire in her eyes and knew she was about to explode she also knew that it will do her the world of good to get it all off her chest and for the Matron to see her in full rage.

Margarita started to raise her voice, as she pointed the finger at the Matron, “You have no right to listen in on my conversations, and you can tell that to your fucking General as well,” Her voice was getting louder with each sentence, “I don’t give a shit how good Stell is at killing people for you, she only has to do it because it is people like you who are too fucking scared to do it yourselves,” The hostess began to make a move to calm Margarita down when Mags turned on her, “And if you as so much as lift your ass off that seat I will knock you into next week sweetheart, I swear to god I will, you may scare some people but I’m not one of them,”

Stella waited for her to take a breath before trying to interrupt her. Margarita sat there and then turned to Stell, “How can you live like this, not knowing when you are going to get a phone call to go and kill someone and that someone who just might have a family too, just because she,” pointing to the Matron, “Says so,” She sat back into the armchair, holding her face in her hands. Crying, as she realised that in their future all of their decisions were being made by other people, in some faraway office. She felt like they were just puppets on a string.

She felt Stella in front of her as she felt her big powerful arms wrap around her. “I love how strong and powerful you are Mags, please don’t ever change,”

Tilley McMahon, the Matron spoke softly to them both. “Margarita, sweetheart, you have it all wrong, we are not the baddies here, but we need your Stella for maybe 6 months, and then we will step away, you have my word on that and I give you that word with the General’s blessing. I know the promises she has made to you and I also know that without you saying it’s OK, she won’t leave you. It is in fact you who we’re trying to impress, so we can get something very important done. Trust me when I say if we were only dealing with your Stella, she’d be on a commercial flight in economy,”

Stella nodded and mumbled “yeah,”

She continued quietly, “When you two decide to start a family, all we are saying is you won’t be going on some waiting list, that’s all, and by the way, you are going to be some hell of a mum, both of you are,”

The Matron sat back and said to Bianca, the hostess, “Can you take Margarita down the back, get her some refreshments and in fact bring us all some back please,”

“Yes ma’am,” then turning to Mags, she asked the question, “Permission to move my ass now please ma’am”

They all laughed, and Margarita nodded as Stella gave her some tissues to wipe her nose and dry her eyes.

When Margarita and Bianca left them, the Matron had a wry smile on her face, “You have chosen wisely Major, she is a keeper,”

“Yes Tilley she is, I can’t tell you how much I care about her, and I’m serious about her mother too by the way, I didn’t say it just to get a leave pass for this mission, whatever it is,”

“I know that Stella, I can see how you two look at each other and the way she spoke just now, if she only knew who Bianca is and what she is capable of,”

Stella smiled knowing full well that Mags would have said the exact same thing even if she did know.

The Matron then looked at Stella, before commencing a brief summary of what lay ahead.

Stella sat there waiting, “That bad is it?”

The reply came by way of a nod.

“The Chinese are playing naughty little boys, they have set up a ring in Adelaide selling people, we intercepted a ‘Mayday’ transmission way down south a while back and from what we have learnt so far is that a group has been set up selling kids on the black web, we have two names so far that keep popping up, Lai and a Grace. Evil little bitches. The Americans insisted on you, but we are not surprised by that. They have you on some pedestal you know.” Stella smiled and nodded. “Anyway, due to the new AUKUS treaty and the submarine base in Adelaide, the Chinese have become very active down there, we need you to eliminate them all. No loose ends. Freddie and his team are settling up already, you’ll need to go into training as soon as Margarita lets you,”she said with a smile.

“We have a cosy little apartment for you, very secure, some dear friends of mine have agreed for you to use it for as long as necessary, it is in the city, but apart from that there are no drawbacks. What do you think my chances are of convincing Margarita to let me borrow you for 6 months?” She asked.

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