A Night Outside Ch. 04




Gravel crunched under her car’s tires as Samantha turned off the highway and down a long, wooded, private-drive. She was equal parts excited and anxious as made her way forward wearing only a green sundress and a pair of tennis shoes. Her nipples poking visibly through the material as cool air poured from the air conditioning vents. She had a bra in her bag beside her she could slide on under her dress, if she had to stop anywhere other than her present destination.

A quarter mile down the drive, there was a gravel loop so one could make an easy u-turn and a sign that read: ‘Caution people may be recreating nude anywhere beyond this sign. 18+ only. This is your last opportunity to turn around. Thank you, Verdant Mountain Vistas Nude Trails and Recreation.’

Samantha was about twenty minutes outside of town, finally getting a weekend to herself after a month of moving to a new place. She wanted a place she could get out, get some sun, enjoy nature, and relax a little. If she could do that in the nude, that was just a nice bonus. Her cousin had recommended this place after his family caught her dancing nude in their front room. A deep blush turned her beet red as she thought back to that moment. Turning around and seeing her aunt’s entire family as she was shaking her ass around their front-room wearing only her wireless earbuds was easily the most embarrassed she had ever been. Today’s journey was a step toward being more comfortable doing what she enjoyed, outside the relative safety of her home.

Since the first time she had been out on her own, Samantha had been a home nudist. Watching her aunt’s house while her aunt and her aunt’s family were on vacation, was not going to stop her from being comfortable. They had gotten home a few hours early, while she was still picking up the house, sans clothing.

Samantha – One Month Ago

Samantha ran into the guest room and shut the door behind her, desperately looking for a scrap of fabric to cover her exposure. The best she could do was put a pillow in front of her and sit on the mattress, legs crossed and pulled up to chest. She had no clothing in this room, and the bedding was still rolling around in the dryer, the comforter drying on the rail outside on the deck. She tried to figure out her next move. One call to Ally or Sara, and they would come to the rescue, but she wasn’t sure what they could do. Excuse me ma’am, I believe you have a naked woman infestation. A & S pest control prides itself in the finest of naked lady removal.

Her heartbeat pounded in her head as Samantha was waiting for a knock on the door that didn’t come. She waited for what seemed like an eternity, in reality only five minutes passed. At first there was muffled talking and some commotion of people walking back outside. She started to question if she had actually done anything wrong. It is your aunt’s house. She crept to the door and left the pillow behind, suddenly emboldened again. She opened the door a crack and looked out to make sure that no one was in the hallway.

Maybe they left again, letting me escape with some dignity “Hello, is anyone out there?”

A voice from the kitchen, her aunt Susan “I’m in the kitchen, I sent the boys out to pick up dinner. You’re more than welcome to join us if you would like. We got a lot of great stories from the trip, and we learned to make some great tempura.” She seemed like her normal effervescent self, Samantha’s surprise nudity seeming to have no effect on her demeanor.

“I’m coming out of the bedroom…” She cautiously trailed off. “I am still naked… My clothes… my clothes… are all in my car… And the sheets are in the washer… ” She stepped into the hallway one hand over her vagina and the other corralling her tits.

Her Aunt laughed from the kitchen, “Certainly put yourself in a bit of a pickle didn’t ya.”

“It was not my brightest move.”

“Look, we caught an earlier flight, got home early and should have called you, a little nudity isn’t the worst thing we could have walked in on. ” She turned the corner and leaned against the archway to the kitchen, wiping her freshly cleaned hands and looking her in her eyes.

Samantha wanted to bolt back into the bedroom and close the door. “Sorry…” She mumbled as she looked down.

“For what? Only embarrassing to you hon, let’s just say the nudity thing runs in the family. Geoff and I used to be nude all the time, until the kids came around and getting dressed and undressed to go into the real world got to be a hassle. I don’t think Ethan wears anything until he leaves the house, as long as he takes care of… personal needs in private we don’t care. His brother Mike occasionally participates as well. Besides, we already saw your body in, MOST its detail.”

“Really…” Samantha looked up a little meekly.

“Feel free to be nude in this house. In fact feel free to have supper with us nude, Ethan already does.” Something about aunt Susan’s smile told Samantha she wasn’t just trying to be nice to her humiliated niece. Samantha stood tall instead of bending down in a state of shame. “Of course it gaziantep sahibe escort doesn’t hurt that your hot.” A lightening of the mood aunt Susan added with a smile trying to get her niece more at ease. Samantha laughed and let her arms fall to her side.

Her aunt gave her a smile in reaction. “Thanks, Aunt Susan. I think I’ll go grab my clothes and take you up on the offer of dinner.” She wanted to accept her aunt’s up offer and tackle her personal shame head on. She could feel her aunt’s eyes taking in her body again, it felt awkward.

“Just know you don’t have to put them on. I know staying nude is a big ask, especially around your cousins, but if its how your most comfortable, feel free. I can join you if it would make you feel more relaxed.”

Samantha looked confused, never imagining this as an outcome when she sprinted to the guest bedroom. Still, she wanted to be more comfortable in the nude. “Maybe… but I still need to go grab my clothes before it gets dark, I’m gonna go out with Sara and Ally and this outfit still isn’t legal.” She pointed at herself up and down, suddenly unintimidated by the situation.

“Okay, don’t need to bail you out tonight for public indecency.” She smiled widely, and proceeded to lift her shirt off over her head revealing a lacy black bra. “Figured you needed a little estrogen to go along with you.” She also pulled a bottle of Sake from one of the pieces of luggage in the kitchen. “Might wanna slip on something for a minute and put your car in the street. I think I’m gonna insist you take a ride share out tonight.”

It was Samantha’s turn to smile broadly. “Sounds good, got some better news to share with you when I get back in.”

“Intriguing.” Her aunt looked at her and then issued a challenge. “If your comfortable with it, no clothes allowed in the house tonight.” Sam looked at he quizzically. ” Did you think these curtains were for a home theater… Our TV sucks.” Samantha giggled then walked proudly down the stairs and into the garage learning so much more about her family.

She shimmied into her yellow sundress and put her car out into the street, making sure its passenger side tires were well into the rain gutter, helping to shield the newer vehicle from the fairly busy residential street. She still had a few years to pay on it and was not ready to put it in harms’ way.

Samantha grabbed a matching bra from her suitcase, her pokies inappropriate for public later this evening. She took a deep breath and considered if this was the correct avenue, but she was moving here, time to get closer to her aunt. As the garage door whirred shut, her dress went up and over her head. She climbed the stairs up the stairs and left her dress and bra hang lazily over the banister and making no effort toward modesty. If she was going to do this, she wasn’t going to let the fear control her. “Still going out later, give me a second to let Ally and Sar, I’m gonna meet up with them later” Aunt Susan smiled from the couch at the top of the stairs, now also fully nude.

“Fantastic, glad I’m not the only one hanging tits, you can invite them too if you want. I did want to congratulate them on the engagement.” Samantha looked a little puzzled. “What? We did still have internet in Japan, I saw your photo on Instagram. Nice shot by the way, did they both plan on proposing the same night?” Aunt Susan was still in great shape for being nearly fifty. Her large breasts had suffered a little from the unrelenting effects of gravity, but she only sported about five pounds of extra weight on her five and a half foot frame. Samantha was a little jealous of her aunt’s full chest, a trait that she did not get from that side of the family. However, she would not trade a fuller chest for the extra height she got from the genetic lottery. A few wisps on brunette hair peaked out of her crossed legs. A cesarean scar was visible on her torso, but she was clearly unbothered by it.

“Yeah, they did, both confided in me their plans, I concocted my own to go by where they first kissed after a road game in college. Ally managed to get the proposal out first. Sara responded by getting down on one knee as well and pulling out her ring from her purse. I was lucky enough to get a clear picture of both rings without disturbing them. I’ll tell you all about it in a minute, let me let them know I’ll be late.” Sam quickly excused herself to the spare bedroom and let Sara and Alison know she would meet them a little later than she planned. She then walked to her Aunt’s bathroom and grabbed a towel to sit on.

Her aunt had poured her a glass of sake and placed it on the glass coffee table beside the love-seat opposite the couch. She put down the towel on the left cushion and sat down facing her aunt, legs uncrossed but knees together. She still felt a little anxious and a glance at her wrist confirmed that her heart rate was up a little. “So, was your news to share about Sara and Alison?”

Samantha picked up and sipped her sake. It was smoother than any of the budget fare she had sampled before. She took a breath as her şahinbey escort aunt looked at her expectantly. “No, I got a job offer, at the firm I am interning at this summer. I think I am going to take it on Monday.” She took a deep breath and another sip. It took surprisingly little time to start to feel comfortable.

“Is it better than your old firm?”

“Yeah, it’s a big promotion as well, plus as a bonus I wouldn’t have to see Brandon on a weekly basis.”

“Is it here?”

“Yup, at the downtown headquarters.”

“Let us know when you accept the position we can help you find a place to live, or you could move in here for a bit.”

They chatted for a while: discussing the trip, the engagement, how Samantha was handling her broken engagement with Brandon, places to shop in town, Gyms to join and so much more. Samantha soon forgot she was naked, until she moved and put one leg up on the coffee table. It didn’t occur to her that her labia was on display until her aunt broached the subject. “So, uhh. Do you wax or shave that bald pussy.”

Samantha was caught off guard by the coarseness of the language. “I wax, guess I’m going to find a new place here.”

“It looks like they did a great job. I’ve never quite been able to pull the trigger on it. Mind if I get a closer look at it?”

“Not at all.” Her aunt put her Sake glass down and got up to walk over to her. Samantha could see that her aunt got a bikini wax, but had a wedge of short pubic hair. She opened her knees slightly to give her a good view, but not too far to fully expose her inner labia to her aunt. She felt that would be too intimate of a view for anyone outside a boyfriend or gyno. Her aunt intently examined her before she proffered her opinion.

“Looks really smooth, how does it feel?” She said walking back to her perch across the room.

Samantha was again a little taken back by her aunt’s boldness, but Susan carried a look of honest curiosity. “My Esthetician does a great job.” Her hand brushed lightly against her mound, taking in the feel for herself.

“How often do you have to get waxed?”

“Every 4-5 weeks or so.”

Her aunt looked like she was thinking a little intently before she blushed a little and asked. “How does it perform… You know when it gets all wet and slippery.”

“Aunt Susan!” Samantha blushed visibly, suddenly embarrassed by the line of questioning.

“What, you’re twenty-six. You were engaged and well you’re waxed. That can’t be just for you.”

“Actually it mostly is for me. Sure, I tried it out on a whim with an ex, but I keep it going after that relationship failed. It feels nice when I’m walking around naked. I’ve been bare since college.”

“Uh huh.” Her aunt looked at her questioning if she was telling the whole truth.

“And… I’ve never heard in complaints.”

Aunt Susan steered the conversation to safer waters. They discussed her internship and how she had turned it into a full time position in a little over a month. What her new job duties would be, the challenges of managing projects from engineers that were several years her senior. What it would be like to manage a group of mostly men, engineering almost always skewed male. Aunt Susan had quite a bit of experience to share, she was the head of accounting at a local hospital. The lack of clothing simply melted into the background.

It turned a little awkward when the boys got home. Aunt Susan had already alerted them to the clothes free conditions of the night. Samantha tried to look as relaxed as possible legs across the love seat, feet resting on the opposite armrest, knees bent slightly and legs tightly together. She rested her refreshed glass of sake in front of her, balancing it on her tummy. Her heart rate sky-rocketed when she heard the door to the garage open, residual anxiety from getting caught dancing earlier perhaps. It was also the first time she would see men naked outside of a sexual situation, or a long-term boyfriend.

Uncle Geoff appeared first with a sack of groceries in one hand and clothes in the other. “Hey girls, I see we have gotten comfortable.” Uncle Geoff was a good fifteen pounds over weight, his desk job having an impact, after years of running around from department to department across campus. He was tall, and like his wife, also sported neatly trimmed pubic hair. The medium colored hair highlighted a flaccid four inch circumcised penis that Samantha could not help but glance at. Medium colored body hair appeared all over his chest and belly.

“We got into the sake.” Aunt Susan announced showing him a half empty glass.

“Better have left a little for us.” Her cousin Ethan followed her uncle up the stairs. He was twenty-three and preparing for his victory lap fifth year in college in the fall. He was two inches taller than his father, in excellent shape and sported no tan lines over his body. Samantha would have to ask about that later. “Hey Sammy, nice to see you’re not embarrassed by us barging in.” He looked at his parents. “I told them to call you when we landed.” Ethan sported şahinbey escort bayan a carpet of brown body hair, his pubic region matching the rest of him, but better groomed.

“But we would have missed out on that dance.” Mike, her youngest cousin at nineteen emerged next. It didn’t look like he got a lot of sun, but he was in good shape. He was an inch shorter than Ethan, but did not have any of the body hair. His pubes looked like he shaved, but they were sporting about a weeks worth of growth. His cock looked a little larger than his brother’s, but she wasn’t sure if that was just the lack of hair.

“You know you’re just jealous of my dance skills.” Samantha stood from the love seat hoping she wasn’t seeming a little too anxious after being so embarrassed.

“So I assume your aunt has let you in on the family secret.” Uncle Geoff inquired.

“If its this whole lack of clothing thing, I would say yes.”

The rest of the evening fell into a surprisingly routine night of cooking and swapping stories about Japan. They did have to put on aprons to cook tempura, but Samantha got to help as well. Sitting around the table was an odd sight as her and aunt Susan’s boobs were quite prevalent as they ate, but maybe it was her nascent exposure to non-sexual nudity. Jet lag started to set in for her Aunt’s family by late afternoon. Before she excused herself to call an Uber and get dressed in the garage she asked Ethan. “So, cuz I couldn’t help but notice the tan without tan lines. What’s up with that?”

“Verdant Mountain Vistas.”

Current Samantha

Sam parked her car and grabbed her bag with sunscreen and a towel. The parking lot was surprisingly large. Although the fullness of the lot was not too much of a surprise, it was a beautiful summer day. As she walked toward the entry, the door swung open. A college aged young man, wearing nothing but a pair of hiking boots, nodded at her and said “Welcome to VMV, please check in with the front desk if you are a new visitor.” She smiled and nodded as she walked through the threshold. The young man was fit but, short the lumberjack appearance extended all the way down him. A small looking uncircumcised mushroom head peeked out of a full forest of pubic hair. Samantha worried for a moment that her preferred genital hair style would be against the cultural mores of this private community. Part of her wondered if she should have taken Ethan up on his offer to show her around, but something felt a little askew about that.

At the snack-bar to her left an overweight older gentleman, probably in his early sixties smiled and waved at her. “Welcome!” Behind the counter a petite young woman was wearing only an apron was making a smoothie for the man. Her lovely tanned ass on display below the knotted apron. To her right, standing beside a stack of towels a skinny pale man in his early thirties was standing and checking in people that were heading to the gym. He made sure everyone took a towel as they stepped in, important to keep the fitness equipment clean. She internally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the man’s large cock protruded from hairless skin. Each of the employees she had encountered wore an ID from a hunter green lanyard around their necks. The IDs had a large head-shot and a first name were prominently on display.

Across the room, behind a short desk stood an overweight blonde woman in her early forties with a welcoming smile waved. Her breasts were quite large and sagged to either side of her torso. Large pale brown areolae canted slightly toward the earth. As she got to the desk, she glanced down to place her purse on the counter. She couldn’t help but notice the women was waxed beneath her belly, a couple of dark labia lips sagged a little between her legs.

“Howdy, ya interested in a membership or just a one-day pass?” In a heavy southern drawl.

“Just the day pass today, we’ll see on the membership later.”

“Okay, hope we can impress ya today. Just so ya know the indoor area is compulsory nude at all times, unless you’re new. You are allowed to wear hats and shoes, as well as armbands for electronics and of course jewelry.” The woman said pointing to the silver pendant hanging between her breasts.

Not wanting to show any discomfort outwardly, Samantha took a step back from the desk and pushed the shoulder straps off either side of her, allowing the green dress to fall to the ground. Her tall, toned body accented by obvious tan-lines. She bent down and picked up her dress setting it on the counter beside her bag. The woman behind the counter looked at her with a broad smile.

“I was going to get your mugshot and let ya go get naked in the locker room but it looks like you’re ready to go. Don’t forget your sunscreen, especially on those pale areas.”

A slight blush fell upon Samantha as she pulled her wallet from her bag and grabbed her debit card to pay the one-day fee. The woman, who Samantha saw from her lanyard was Vivian, turned around and grabbed a small black wristband. “I am gonna give ya a wristband for today, It’ll unlock your locker and allow you entry to our amenities. Don’t worry it’s waterproof, in fact I don’t believe our lake is deep enough to break the thing. Do be careful if you use the rock wall, had a couple of people manage to break them on the rocks. I see you have a smart watch, we can set you up with our app if you become a member to do the same. Harold can hook you up with all that information.”

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