A Night of Pleasure

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This is the third part of the continuing story of Amanda and Jason’s relationship. For an understanding of how they arrived at this point please read the earlier stories in this series.


It was eight am when I woke. Jason was sleeping soundly, on his back, beside me. As usual, the first order of the day was coffee and I slid out of the bed quietly so as not to disturb Jason. Ten minutes later I was back, carrying two large cups of capucinno.

Slipping back into the bed, I snuggled close to Jason’s warm body. He stirred a little as I laid my head on his shoulder but didn’t waken. Feeling devilish, I reached under the comforter to find his soft cock, which rapidly began to grow as my fingers caressed it and it wasn’t long before his cock was fully erect and ready for some proper attention. Lifting the comforter, I slid down the bed until my head was level with his now hard member. Grasping it, I used my tongue to lubricate the large mushroom head, an activity which, after a few seconds, began to draw movement and a few soft moans from Jason. He came awake more fully when I engulfed his cock with my lips and slowly slid my mouth down his hard shaft.

“Mmmmm…Amanda! What a lovely way to waken up on a Sunday morning.”

My eyes flicked up towards him as I continued to work his stiff cock with my mouth and hand, allowing my fingers to caress his balls as my head bobbed up and down on him. I love cock, and I especially love a man’s cock in my mouth, so waking Jason with an early morning treat was, for me, a wonderful way to start the day.

Jason was clearly of the same opinion, as his moans became louder and louder and his hands went to the back of my head, urging me to take him deeper.

“Yessssss! Fuck Amanda, that feels so good…don’t stop,” he panted as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft.

I had no intention of stopping, at least not until I had tasted his warm cum in my mouth. Wrapping my fingers around his thick shaft I continued to assault his cock with both my mouth and my hand, increasing the speed as his excitement grew.

“Amanda…Amanda…I’m going to cum!” he groaned urgently, as his hot semen exploded into my mouth.

I didn’t stop, but continued to milk his cock, drawing every last drop from him as he moaned softly.

When he was finished I lifted my head and smiled warmly at him.

“Mmmmmmmmm, good morning baby…” I said, as I crawled back up the bed. “I made us some coffee…it should still be warm,” I said handing him a cup.

“Thanks…mmmmmmmmm any chance you might waken me like this every morning,” he laughed, sipping on the coffee.

“Special treat only,” I responded with a soft smile.

A pensive look came over Jason’s face. “Amanda, what you said last night…about you, me and Dianne. Were you really serious?”

I had told Jason about my bi side and asked whether he would consider the possibility of a threesome with my former lover, Dianne. Dianne’s husband had lost interest in sex and, as a consequence, Dianne was more than a little horny and looking to be fucked. Rather than choose a random guy from the net she had asked whether I might be willing to share Jason.

“I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t serious. Dianne is my best friend and I really don’t want to think of her hooking up with some random guy just to satisfy her natural urges. When we talked about it, you seemed like the natural solution. I told her how energetic and talented you are. Not to mention insatiable!”

Jason looked at me disapprovingly. “I’m not sure how I feel about you discussing our sex life with my boss! Guess its too late now though.”

“We’re best friends. Of course I tell her about what we get up to in the bedroom! That’s what women do – we communicate!”

“OK but I need some time to think the whole thing through. It sounds tempting but I need to get my head around it.”

I smiled. “Take as long as you want babe.”

A few days later ,while Jason and I were eating dinner, he said, “I had lunch with Dianne today. I have to tell you…it was more than a little strange talking with my boss about having a threesome with her and my girlfriend!”

I laughed. “I can imagine! What was the gist of the conversation?”

“I told her you and I had talked at the weekend and asked if she was serious about the three of us being together.”

“What did she say, babe?”

“That she was absolutely serious and hoped that we could organize something soon! So I guess the ball is now in your court.”

“Woo hoo…that’s fantastic. I’ll talk with Dianne and come up with a plan.”

I got together with Dianne the following day over coffee. She confirmed that she had talked with Jason and told him that she was keen for him to, as she put it, “fuck her brains out!”.

“It was so funny, Amanda. He positively blushed when I said that!”

We agreed that I should host the evening. Dianne would tell her husband, Bob, that she and I were planning a girl’s night out kayseri escort and that she would be spending the night at my house afterwards. We both had plans for the forthcoming weekend but Dianne suggested that we plan on getting together the following Saturday evening.

As the days passed and the evening of our planned tryst approached, Dianne and I had a few conversations regarding what to wear and how the the evening should go.

“Perhaps we should both change in to some sexy lingerie after dinner, Amanda. That might help put Jason at ease and get the intimate part of the evening moving.”

“Great idea! I know just the thing to wear,” I responded.

“I’ll drop off a few pieces with you tomorrow. That way, Bob won’t be suspicious as to why I’m packing sexy lingerie for an overnight stay with you!”

Saturday arrived quickly. Dianne had arranged to come over mid afternoon to help with dinner preparations and to give her and I some time to get ready before Jason arrived. At six o’clock, Dianne was in front of my bathroom mirror, drying her short black hair. She was wearing black underwear; a lacy pushup bra that emphasized her perfect 34B breasts, a pair of matching panties that barely covered her shaved mound and black thigh high stockings trimmed with lace. She looked sensational!

“You look absolutely amazing Dianne. Jason won’t be able to take his eyes off you. He may be undressing us before we manage to change in to our surprise outfits!”

Dianne laughed. “That would be ok with me! It will be all I can do not to jump him when he walks through the door.”

“Oh no. We are definitely eating dinner first! I remember our three month anniversary a few months back. I had a wonderful evening of food and wine planned that we never got around to enjoying. Instead he was fucking me in the kitchen within ten minutes of arriving and we spent the rest of the evening in the bedroom. That’s not happening tonight!”

“I’ll try to be good then!”

She turned and pulled me towards her.

“i suppose that also means that I don’t get to enjoy a little early fun with you before Jason arrives?”

Our lips met, and in seconds, we were lost in a deep passionate kiss. Dianne’s hands slid onto my ass, pulling me tighter to her and I knew that If we didn’t stop Jason would find her and I naked and fucking when he arrived.

I broke away. “You are bad, Dianne! We need to wait. Jason will be here soon and there will be plenty of time for you and I too!”

She giggled. “I know, but you look so hot and sexy that I just couldn’t resist!”

“I’m going to check on the food. Jason should be here in a bit so you need to finish dressing,” I said as I walked from the bathroom. The doorbell chimed as I walked down the stairs.

“I guess Jason just couldn’t wait,” I thought to myself with a smile.

Jason kissed me deeply as soon as soon as he was through the door and his hands quickly found there way to my ass.

“You look fantastic, Amanda. Your ass in those jeans is so sexy!”

I was wearing a sleeveless white silk top that draped beautifully across my breasts, tight jeans that emphasized my ass, and a pair of knee length brown boots. It was, I hoped, casual but sexy.

“Is Dianne here?” He asked peering in to the kitchen and family room.

“She’s upstairs, finishing getting dressed. She is looking so hot, babe. I think tonight is going to be a lot of fun for all of us.”

Jason laughed. “That has to the understatement of the year. I have two beautiful women who are going to share themselves with me tonight. I’m expecting it to be a great deal more than just a lot of fun!”

Just then Dianne came down the stairs. She was dressed in a tight black skirt paired with a yellow blouse and black heels. The skirt finished about three inches above her knees. Jason’s head swiveled to watch her descend the stairs.

“Dianne. You look gorgeous tonight,” he said as he stepped forward to embrace her. I watched as he kissed her. The kiss was soft, but meaningful, speaking of what was to come later.

Dianne glanced over at me a little anxiously as the kiss ended, checking my response to her kissing my boyfriend. I smiled, letting her know that I was fine.

“I told you that he knows how to kiss a woman, Dianne. Don’t look so surprised! Let’s go through to the kitchen. Jason, will you please open some wine.”

“To a wonderful evening,” I said when our glasses were full. “Let’s enjoy the food, the wine and the company.”

Conversation flowed easily as we ate. Dianne laughed and flirted with Jason, easily putting him at ease with the evening.

“Dinner was delicious,” I said, as I collected the plates. “Babe, why don’t you go light the candles and put on some quiet music while Dianne and I finish tidying up here. We’ll join you in a couple of minutes”

Once Jason was gone it didn’t take very long for Dianne and I to strip and change into the lingerie that we had selected.

Dianne and I kissed deeply kıbrıs escort before returning to the family room where Jason awaited us. He had lit the candles and was lounging on the sofa, eyes closed, presumably imagining what was to come. His eyes opened and I saw his surprise that Dianne and I had changed. I was wearing a lacy yellow baby doll, while Dianne had chosen a deep blue one that pulled tight across her ample breasts and ended just above the matching thong.

We joined Jason on the sofa, one on each side of him. Smiling, I held his cheek and leaned in to kiss him deeply. He responded, and I could tell from his kiss that he was already aroused, something that I confirmed once my hand found the large tent in the front of his pants.

“I think he likes this, Dianne!” I said.

Kissing Jason’s neck and squeezing his cock through his pants, I said “You are overdressed, babe! Why don’t you let Dianne and I see just what’s in store for us?

He needed no second bidding, jumping to his feet immediately, and quickly peeling off shirt and unbuckling his pants, which fell to the floor. Then, with a huge smile on his face, he hooked his fingers in his briefs and pulled them down, freeing his large cock which bounced up and pointed straight at Dianne.

Dianne gasped. “Oh my God, Jason. That is beautiful,” she said, staring at his dark, powerful erection. I watched intently as Dianne got on her knees and inspected him more closely. I knew exactly what had her rapt attention. Jason’s cock is long and thick, with a thick blue vein that runs along the top to a large mushroom head. His heavy balls are contained in a nice sac which hangs loosely below his cock.

“God, I want to have this,” she said, quietly.

She wasted little time, wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft and guiding the head between her lips. Jason’s head went back and he moaned softly as she slid her mouth down his entire length.

“You certainly weren’t kidding when you told me that he has the most beautiful cock, Amanda. Why don’t you come here and we can enjoy it together.”

I knelt beside her and caressed Jason’s large balls as Dianne sucked on his cock. After a minute or two she slid him from her mouth, turned to face me, and we kissed while she stroked him with her hand. Jason moaned as he looked down at the two of us engrossed in a deep passionate kiss.

“You two look so sexy doing that.”

I moved in front of him, grasped his cock and slid it between my lips. Despite having had his cock in my mouth many times I still marveled at just how well it filled my mouth. Jason gently stroked my hair as I took my turn with his tool. Dianne and I alternated sucking him for the next fifteen minutes, by which time Jason’s breathing was shallow and ragged.

“He’s just about ready to cum Dianne. Why don’t you take his load, I’ve tasted him plenty of times.”

At this, Dianne redoubled her efforts, working her mouth up and down his shaft at a feverish speed. Less than a minute later Jason rocked forward on his feet, groaned deeply and began pumping Dianne’s mouth full of his cum. Dianne swallowed again and again but despite her best efforts, a little of his cum began to dribble from her lips.

I couldn’t resist licking Jason’s cum from her lips once Jason had withdrawn from her mouth. I pulled Dianne’s mouth to mine and we kissed, our tongues exchanging the remnants of Jason’s orgasm. Dianne’s hands were at my breasts, rolling my hard nipples between her fingers. We stayed that way, kissing and teasing the others nipples for at least five minutes. Occasionally I’d glance at Jason, now sitting back on the sofa, his cock deflated, and see him watching Dianne and I intently.

Taking my hand, Dianne helped me up, positioning me on the sofa beside Jason. I spread my legs wide, knowing instinctively what she was about to do. Slowly, she kissed her way up my inner thighs, drinking in the scent of my warm pussy as she did so.

“I had forgotten what a gorgeous pussy you have, Amanda,” she said softly, looking up at my face.

I could feel the juices literally dripping from my pussy. I’d never felt quite so sexy as I did at that moment. Jason lowered his head and began sucking on a nipple as Dianne’s mouth approached my sex. Her tongue parted my puffy, outer lips and ran the length of my pussy, slowly making it’s way towards my clit. I gasped when she found it and began moaning softly when she lapped at it with her tongue.

I was in heaven; Jason was chewing gently on my sensitive nipples while Dianne’s head was between my legs, her mouth and tongue working magic on my clit. My hands reached out, one finding Dianne’s head, pulling her tighter to my pussy, the other wrapping around Jason’s rapidly hardening cock. I felt two of Dianne’s fingers at my entry and she drew a low moan of pleasure from my throat as she inched them inside me.

“Oh my God…that feels so good,” I panted, as she began to fuck me with her fingers.

I couldn’t believe the pleasure konya escort coursing through my body, pleasure that was only intensified when Dianne sucked my clit into her mouth and swirled her tongue over it.

I groaned and looked at her sharply when she stopped ministering to my clit and removed her fingers from my pussy.

“I just need Jason to fuck me while I eat your pussy, Amanda. I can’t wait any longer!”

Jason’s cock was fully hard again and he kissed me softly before scrambling to the floor. He quickly moved into position behind Dianne who now had her ass in the air waiting for him. Jason wasted no time with preliminaries, grasping Dianne’s hips and sinking his stiff member deep inside her waiting pussy. Dianne gasped loudly as he filled her.

“Oh God, Jason. That feels so good…Please fuck me.”

I watched as Jason pulled out of her before forcefully slamming himself back inside her pussy. Dianne whimpered and Jason repeated the action. I could tell that he was going to take his time fucking her, which was totally fine by me as Dianne had returned to sucking softly on my clit. Each time Jason pushed his cock inside her, Dianne’s head would jolt against me and she would emit a muffled moan from between my legs.

As Jason increased the pace and intensity of the fucking that Dianne was receiving she began finding it difficult to maintain focus on me.

“Ungh,…Ungh,…Ungh,” she panted as he continued to pound her. “He feels so deep, Amanda. Feels so good.”

I moved to the floor beside Dianne and began to tug on her breasts and nipples while Jason worked his cock in and out of her pussy. The sounds of sex now filled the room and Dianne’s, almost continuous moaning announced that she was getting close to the edge, causing Jason to drive himself deeper and harder into her.

“Oooooooooooh, fuuuuuuuuck…yesssssssssss!” Dianne screamed as the orgasm coursed through her body. Her head dropped to the sofa and she moaned and juddered her way through an intense orgasm while Jason continued fucking her. He was breathing heavily, and I could tell from his contorted face that he too was close to cumming. Just a few moments later he exploded with a loud grunt, his body shook, and he began filling her pussy with his cum.

“Jesus, oh, Jesus…fuck!” he gasped, as he continued to empty his seed into Dianne’s warm, wet pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm, Dianne, that was incredible,” he murmured softly. Slowly he pulled out of her, his cock glistening with their intimately mingled fluids. Dianne was silent, unable to move or talk, as a result of the fucking that she had just received. I tenderly took her arm and helped her to the sofa. Finally she found her voice.

“Oh God, its been so long since I’ve been fucked like that. Thank you Jason…and you too, Amanda.”

I smiled and suggested a short break to refill our glasses and take the fun to the bedroom. I was the only one who hadn’t yet cum and I hoped that my king size bed would provide a great platform for the next stage of our erotic adventure.

Half an hour minutes later I was purring softly while Jason used his talented tongue on my pussy. Dianne’s head lay close to mine and we were kissing while she tugged and teased my sensitive nipples with her fingers. Jason was making sweet love to my pussy. His lips enveloped my clit, sucking it gently into his mouth while working it softly with his tongue. I cried out and bucked when Jason slid two of his fingers deep inside me. As he began to move his fingers in and out I knew that I couldn’t resist my rapidly building orgasm for much longer. Dianne had moved her head to my breasts and was gently chewing on my nipples which seemed to double the pleasure that Jason was delivering with his mouth and fingers.

I cried out as I came – a loud, sustained scream of pleasure followed by a series of soft moans. Jason kept lapping at my clit and fucking me with his fingers despite my bucking hips and shuddering body. My orgasm seemed to go on forever as I lost myself in an ocean of warmth and pleasure. Slowly, I came back to reality and found Dianne’s smiling face above me. We kissed, our tongues passionately exploring the others mouth. I groaned, and broke the kiss as I felt Jason’s fingers leave my pussy.

“I can’t believe what just happened,” I said softly. “That was the most intense orgasm that I’ve had in a long, long time.”

Jason climbed up the bed, and lay down so that I was between he and Dianne. Their hands roamed across my body, caressing me softly as we kissed and enjoyed the afterglow of my orgasm. My body was still on fire and sent small tingles of pleasure to my brain each time one of them touched me.

I felt Jason’s hard cock pressing into my thigh.

“God Jason, I hope that you are planning on using that on Dianne and not me!” I said, with just a hint of exhaustion.

“Actually, I was thinking that it would be fun to use it on you both,” he said, a large grin on his face. “Doggy, side by side…twenty strokes each until I cum.”

Dianne looked over at me, impishly.

“Sounds wonderful! If you are too tired, Amanda, I can handle him on my own!”

“Ha…not on your life, Dianne! Remember that Jason’s been fucking me for six months. I’ve developed stamina too!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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