A Mistress Submits to Hated Rival

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Ariana Marie

There is a most exclusive club in Los Angeles called “The D Club”. You won’t find it on any maps or street directories because for most people it does not exist. It is situated in the disused underground level of a famous hotel and the members pay well to be left alone by the hotel. There are only 36 members, they are all extremely rich women who are real life dominatrix.

All their slaves and submissives are men and they must undergo a rigorous process before they are allowed to serve a Mistress in the club. These women are rich and sadistic – a dangerous mixture. This story concerns two of the most outstanding figures in the club, two of the strongest, hardest, most dominant women you could ever meet and how one of them had to submit the other.

Mistress Elizabeth was nearly six feet tall, in her late thirties and has a very upright poise to herself that is explained by the fact that she was for over a decade an international supermodel. Born in England she has kept the very posh accent of the very rich. With a slim figure, long legs and beautiful long dark hair she looks every bit a goddess to be worshipped. But her attitude and demeanour is every bit as ugly as her looks are nice. She is bad tempered, snaps at people and treats them like shit. Her small band of male subs love it but it is no act she saves for them and tends to treat everybody as just being there for her and has fallen out with many a person, in the club and out with. A woman of substance she owns her own mansion in the richest area of the city and keeps five slaves with her. There is a distinct cruel streak to Elizabeth that she relishes unleashing on her slaves.

Mistress Lucy was in many ways a total contrast to Elizabeth. She was very short, had long, jet black hair and had striking Asian good looks of a Chinese girl in her mid twenties. Not much was known about her background but she was very well off and wore some hugely expensive S & M outfits. She was by a long way the most sadistic and brutal of all the Mistresses and even some of the other Mistresses winced at her treatment of her male subs.

In their own ways Elizabeth and Lucy were the two most disliked and feared Mistresses in the club and it was no surprise that they quickly established a real enmity between themselves. It happened within a week of Lucy joining the club when Elizabeth made a really condescending and racist remark to Lucy as if she were mere staff at the club. Lucy fired back with every expletive and curse she knew and finished by spitting in Elizabeth’s face and it took five other Dommes to keep them apart. But no-one left the club as a result of the incident, they were paying too much to be kicked out.

That incident was the beginning of a year of snide comments and actions, name calling and upstaging and they did everything but get physical with each other. The others tired of it real quick and would have given anything for the two of them to either get over it or leave. Then one of them came up with a cunning idea to at least halve their problem.

There is legend in Domme folklore of contests between two Mistresses who have an irresolvable dispute, where by the loser must agree to serve as submissive to the winner. None of the other members of the club had ever come across this situation but the more they thought and discussed it the more the idea grew until they were committed to trying to get it underway. Basically one of the contestants had to challenge the other and put it to a panel of their peers to determine the challenge and the conspirators set about the set-up with vigour.

Those that were in any way close or on speaking terms with either Elizabeth or Lucy began to get in their ear a little more and stoke the flames of anger and resentment between them. They decided that Lucy, being younger and with a temper, was the best bet to make the initial challenge and her colleague dropped the concept of the challenge to her and built up the idea of taking on Elizabeth. And Lucy being the brash, confident young woman she was could not see herself losing to Elizabeth and could only envisage having that stuck up bitch as her slave. An alluring prospect for her.

So it came to pass that one hot Summer, Saturday evening Lucy approached a PVC clad Mistress Elizabeth and slapped her viciously across the cheek and spat the word “Challenge” out at her. Elizabeth knew her myths and seized the glove from Lucy and slapped her back just as hard and said “Challenge Accepted.” The wheels were in motion and one of these strong, powerful Dominants was going to be humiliated and humbled as a result.

The panel of peers consisted of nine fellow Dommes from the club and their rules for the challenge were clear. They had considered having the two fight until one submitted but did not deem that this was appropriate for the club. So the challenge was that each Mistress would be given a male target. Someone well known in the city. They would then be given three months to seduce them and bring them to the club. On that given night the Mistress would need to induct the male celebrity into the club as a submissive and take them as far down the initiation erzincan escort process for subs as they could get them. This process would take place before the other Mistresses but not their immediate competitor so whoever went second would not know their target to beat.

Those rules of initiation for new male submissives were as follows :

1. To strip naked before his Mistress and kneel before her. 2. To lick his Mistresses shoes upon command. 3. To be caned 12 times by his Mistress. 4. To on command suck the cock of a fellow male sub. 5. To consent to being fucked by his Mistress with a 12″ strap-on. 6. To consent to being branded with the clubs logo permanently on their backside. 7. If both subs meet all these criteria the Mistresses will decide further challenges on the night.

The rules explained, Mistress Elizabeth was given her target – a famous Actor that lived in the city and had a well publicised marriage to a beautiful TV Star and the two were vaunted for the happiness of their marriage. Lucy’s target was a well known Sportsman with a huge reputation as a womaniser and a playboy. The three months began…..

Three months later and neither Mistress had been seen at the club since, no doubt eagerly working on their target. Their absence a happy side effect of the challenge that pleased the other members no end. At 7:30pm exactly Mistress Lucy strode through the entrance hall and into the designated room for the culmination of the challenge. She was followed by a man on his knees with a gimp mask on and naked except for a pair of black rubber shorts (that showed up so well against his dark athletic, muscled body), Lucy led him in and stopped him in the centre of the room on a studded collar and leash. Mistress Elizabeth was booked from 9:30 onwards.

Mistress Sadie had agreed to chair the challenge and as the other Mistresses hushed and sat in their chairs to view this there was a definite air of excitement and anticipation. The throng hushed and Sadie handed the floor to Lucy.

Lucy strutted confidently to centre stage. She looked a million bucks wearing a shiny black outfit that pressed her small, pert tits up and narrowed her waist massively. Her legs were almost totally encompassed by the longest thigh high, black, leather boots imaginable. They had stiletto heels that boosted her height significantly.

“Slave!” she barked, “Take off the mask! Quickly!”

The kneeling submissive nervously fiddled with the object that obscured his face and unclipped it and pulled it off to reveal the famous Basketball star. He looked far different from his normal public demeanour where he was often photographed with a wide smile and surrounded by a bevy of scantily clad beauties. Now the normally proud sportsman knelt nearly naked and could not even bring himself to raise his eyes to meet those of Lucy or any of the assembled Mistresses. He knelt at her feet, hunched over awaiting her next command.

“Take off those shorts, dog! Quickly!” barked Mistress Lucy.

The superstar slave quickly peeled off the tight rubber shorts and there was a collective gasp form the other Mistresses when his huge, flaccid dick sprang into view. Even in this form it had to be 11 inches long.

Lucy addressed her fellow Dommes “As you can see this pathetic fool is very well endowed. He used to be proud of it but not any more, eh slave?”

He looked up to answer but before her could utter a word she had kicked him in his scrotum and he slouched, winded onto his side at her feet.

“As you’re down there slave get licking my shoes so I can pass the second part of your test.”

He cowered on the floor before the slight Asian Dominatrix and slowly stuck his tongue out and began to submissively lap at her long, black boots. First, curling his pink tongue around the toe area and slowly tracing it back to lick at the heels. Every inch of her boots were licked as she stood menacingly over him and once done she ordered him to lick her boot’s soles, which he did unquestioningly. It was quite the erotic sight for the watching throng as this highly paid, well known hulk of a man obeyed his tiny (in comparison) Mistress. She certainly seemed to have him well trained. A fact betrayed by the evil sneer adorning her face.

“Does that satisfy the first two tests?” asked Lucy mockingly.

A nod from Mistress Sadie indicated that it did and Lucy progressed to the next test. She was confident this wimp would do them all as she demanded, not in the slight bit amazed at what she had done to him in the short time she had known him. Men were weak and pathetic fools and a strong Mistress could usually tame them, and she had found that she was an exceedingly strong minded woman. She enjoyed humiliating and degrading men but the thought of having that stuck up cunt Elizabeth at her mercy was a enticing and powerful one that had driven her on over the last few months. No thoughts of losing had entered her mind.

She ordered the big athlete to his feet and over to a whipping horse situated in the centre of the room for this challenge. He obediently draped his long, black erzurum escort body over the structure and Lucy strapped his arms over it and his ankles to it’s bottom.

“I am going to thrash you with this cane (she slashed it down millimetres from his head) and you will count each stroke and thank me after each one. Understand?”

He gulped imperceptibly and spoke “Yes Mistress” in a much softer voice than he normally used to shout his court side interviews with. Before the last word was all the way out Lucy had brought the thick bamboo cane down violently across his exposed arse with a noise that made even the other Dominants wince as they heard it.

“O-one….T-Thank you Mistress.”

The eleven further strokes with the cane that followed seemed to get progressively louder and harder and by the time the last struck the slave was nearly passed out as he gave his thank you. Lucy had a grin from ear to ear – this was going so well.

But the next test was one that a lot thought she may fail on. This superstar was a self confessed lover of women. He treated them mean and they stayed keen. He seemed to have a different lady for each day of the week. Many of the other Mistresses doubted even Mistress Lucy could have him voluntarily suck another man’s cock.

Lucy left him strapped to the horse and left the room momentarily, coming back with a fat, greasy, sub called Cameron. He was one of Mistress Lucy’s usual slaves and the other Mistresses were used to seeing him treated like shit by her. He was everything that the basketball player was not – ugly, unfit, unattractive, with a small dick, he really was a pathetic specimen. As she ordered Cameron to stand to the side, she untied her new slave and pushed him to his knees before Cameron.

“Why don’t you show everyone how devoted you are to your Mistress by having a nice long suck on this slave’s cock” demanded Lucy and to the amazement of the rest , without hesitation he opened his large mouth and engulfed Cameron’s growing penis. He looked like he was hating every second of doing this but still he sucked at the fat guy until he was hard in his mouth. Lucy reached down and started to play with his big, black cock until he too was aroused and she spoke for everyone to hear “Let him cum in your mouth Bitch.” Again his eyes betrayed him but his obedient body responded and when the fat guy’s cock began to pulse in his mouth he braced himself and accepted his sticky seed into his mouth and a little dribbled down his chin.

“Well done slave” stated Lucy and without further ado she kneed the still standing Cameron right in his nuts and commanded him out of the room. As he pulled his damaged body away Lucy turned again to her new celebrity slave “You know what’s coming now Bitch, you’d better not let me down.”

She pulled the strap on dildo from a black canvas bag and began to fix it to her crotch as he knelt there motionless as cum hardened on his face. The dildo was intimidating and would have rivalled his mammoth weapon between his legs and as Lucy dripped some lube onto the plastic phallus she ordered him to get onto his hands and knees and to present his arse to her. When he did that she knew this next test would be a breeze.

Lucy looked an amazing sight as she stood over the bent over sports star, the huge veiny, black plastic cock jutting out obscenely from her crotch. In her high pitched, slightly Chinese accented voice she addressed her new slave.

“So you like to suck cock do you? You are a cocksucking slave are you? Come on tell me what you are?”

“I-I am a-a cocksucker Mistress” was the faltering reply she received.

“Well that must make you a bitch then doesn’t it. To be more precise MY BITCH! Therefore you will want me to ram this up your arsehole don’t you Bitch! Tell me you want it. Tell me!”

“P-Please Mistress fuck my ass.”

Without further ado Mistress Lucy got to her knees behind him and roughly manoeuvred the lubricated dildo to his behind and squeezed it’s plastic helmet into his tight hole, bringing a anguished grimace from the slave. Once that was in she quickly forced the rest of the dildo inside him and began to pound back and forth inside him. As she fucked him she slapped his ass dismissively. Pretty much everyone in the room was loving the sight of a dominant woman taking this womaniser as no doubt he had taken many bimbos before. How, they all wondered had Mistress Lucy conquered him into such a state of submission?

Her long dark hair flowed wildly behind her as she increased the pace and the grunts and groans that came from him indicated a mixture of pain and pleasure was being enjoyed by the sub. She fucked him like that for over ten minutes and as she pulled out of him with an audible pop he collapsed on the floor, spent. He lay there gasping from the butt fucking he had just taken as Mistress Lucy smoothed her hair and outfit back to being immaculate and asked him very clearly if he was willing to submit to being branded with the clubs mark.

He only gave two words as answer “Yes Mistress.”

So the self heating branding iron was brought forward bursa escort and with a smile Lucy pressed it onto his taut, firm black buttocks.

With that he was forever branded with the mark of The “D Club” and Lucy looked rightly proud of herself. Mistress Sadie congratulated her and informed her that Mistress Elizabeth would be tested next and if she failed to match Lucy’s effort, Lucy would be determined the winner of the challenge and take full control of her rival. If, however, Mistress Elizabeth were to match Lucy then they would both be recalled for a sudden death decider challenge. Lucy strutted out of the room on her high heels, dragging her collared sub behind her confident that she could not lose and already thinking of what she would do to that stuck up English bitch once she controlled her.

* * * * *

Mistress Elizabeth’s entrance to the again hushed room some fifteen minutes later was nothing if not dramatic. Wearing an incredibly slinky black PVC cat-suit that was skin tight showing her amazing figure she strode into the room followed by a figure covered in a blanket. Under the glare of the spotlight she whisked off the blanket and the assembled Mistresses viewed her new slave.

There was no denying how stunning Mistress Elizabeth looked, her natural height and grace added to her high heels making her tower over her cowering companion. And him that famous actor, in what the tabloids described as a dream marriage standing for all the world a hopeless submissive. But the ball gag he had jammed in his mouth could not hide his matinee idol looks and the leather belt outfit that webbed out over his torso could not hide his chiselled physique and the tight rubber briefs only enhanced his tanned legs. He was one of the beautiful people indeed.

“On your knees slave, you are before your superiors here and will treat them with the respect they deserve” , a comment not without irony from Mistress Elizabeth given the aloof manner she adopted with most of the other Mistresses in the club, as if they were not worthy of speaking to her.

The famous actor dropped to his bare knees besides his Mistress and most in the audience were wondering if his equally famous and beautiful wife knew where he was right now. Elizabeth ruffled his fine mane of hair playfully and released his mouth from it’s bondage. His torso wear followed suit and when she peeled the rubber briefs off everyone was delighted to note that they were the ones with an inbuilt anal plug. She cast them aside and slipped a black collar around his thick neck to show she had collared him. She was as confident as Lucy of victory.

So how had Elizabeth commandeered this fine specimen of manhood? Actually, it had been relatively simple, her money had bought her way into the parties of the rich and famous and with one of her subs along to distract and seduce his star girlfriend she wriggled her way into his affections. Once she had his attention he was easily broken to her will, in common with many artistes he had a pronounced feminine or softer side that she exploited with her hard domineering nature and before too long she had him wrapped around her slender fingers. She was not aware how that poison midget Lucy had done before her but was confident this pathetic worm would do all the challenges and so would be victorious.

The first three were done with ease, the actor kneeling, licking her boots and heels and taking a solid caning with no sign off any reluctance. She was easier on her slave than Mistress Lucy had been before her, her strokes not carrying the force of her opponents. When it came to the forth test he seemed positively eager to please his Mistress as she supplied a tall athletic model that served her usually and the actor knelt and accepted his cock in his mouth with no reluctance. Almost as if he did so on a regular basis thought the other Mistresses as he expertly pleased the cock with his soft actor’s mouth. He had no problem swallowing the cum that was shot into his mouth to finish.

Elizabeth’s strap on dildo was a long, thin affair and he looked almost desperate to receive it and they spent the next fifteen minutes rutting like wild animals in front of their audience. He was doing very well. He accepted the brand on his ass as well but took it deep in the cleft of his buttocks so as not to be obvious. As the branding iron left his ass Elizabeth beamed a big smile to Mistress Sadie almost saying “well did I win?”

“Summon Mistress Lucy from next door” was all Sadie said as she stood.

The two kinkily clad dominatrix’s stood side by side barely able to keep glowering and sneering at each other wondering just exactly who had won.

“It is my duty to inform both of you that the contest has been drawn” spoke Sadie, noticing the look of relief and disappointment pass over both their faces, “Therefore to determine the winner of the challenge we will further test your new slaves devotion to you. You will immediately go and fetch them from their holding cells and take them back here. Here they will he strung up by their wrists to the restraints hanging from the ceiling, once in position we will attach slipknots around their cock and balls and will then tie a 5 Kilo weight to each. Whoever’s slave asks for their release first will be deemed the loser. Once the loser has been determined she will immediately become totally subservient to the other Mistress.”

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