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Cock Worship

Of course, the best way to start out is to find a woman who adores your dick and wants nothing else but to suck it, lick it and consume everything that comes out of it. The reality is that you are not going to come across her and you are going to have to train the one you have got.

As with all training, this is done by a consistent system of rewards and punishments that create a conditioning that results in your woman serving your cock with absolute devotion in the knowledge that all of the security, joys and comforts in her life come from serving it well and all her pain and worry comes when she fails to do her duty to it properly.

The system is very simple, but it must be done with absolute consistency. Every time that she wants anything of any kind, make her get on her knees, naked, in front of you and work your prick with her mouth until you are satisfied. When you are completely happy with the service she has provided, listen to her request and see that she is rewarded in proportion to the pleasure that she has provided. Once she has learned to associate all the good things in life with a belly full of your sperm and piss, that will be what she most wants to have.

Set a strict regime of service and rules that have to be complied with meticulously. A major part of your household life must be a period of cock worship at least once every day. What this entails depends entirely on what pleases you. My own preference is to have my cock sucked to comletion as soon as I wake up every morning. In the evening I like to relax on the sofa and have my prick sucked and licked for between half and hour and an hour. If I become inclined I will give her a throat fuck whenever I want to and at least once a week I have her drink a bladder full of my piss. All of these duties must be carried out to perfection. Any gagging or spilling of cum or piss must be punished. If ever she shows signs of losing interest of failing to put her full energy and skill into her work she must also be punished.

A woman who has been trained to worship your cock every day of her life is also a woman who likes to be submissive and who needs to serve you

A lot of effort, but what do you get out of all this? Well you will have a woman who feels safe and secure in her life knowing exactly what is expected of her and what she has to do to have complete security and satisfaction in her life. You get to have your sexual needs thoroughly and expertly serviced all of the time and to know that you have the respect and attention that you have worked for and deserve.

How to spank a woman

The first thing to be said is that spanking is a controlled activity. Whether it is for punishment, maintenance or just because you feel like it, the spanking needs to be done in a structured way. Spanking should never be done in haste or anger and without consideration of the effects.

Where to spank

The bottom was clearly made for spanking. It can take a lot of punishment without injury and presents a glorious sight when it is glowing red and hot. However, other parts of a woman’s body provide suitable and satisfying targets. The inner thighs, belly, breasts and vagina may all be spanked with benefit for the spanker and the recipient.

The head and face are no go areas for spanking. You may give a slap on the cheek at times if that is your way, but it is not spanking and need not be dealt with here. Spanking should not be done above the crack of the buttocks at the back. The coccyx will bruise easily and the kidneys are vulnerable above that. With plenty of more interesting places to decorate with your marks, the back as a whole should be left alone. The lower legs, feet and arms are all unworthy of spanking. You may wish to punish the hands if she has been putting them in the way, but this is really a side issue and is best corrected by proper training in presentation and submission than by caning or strapping the hands.


Spanking should always be on bare skin for three reasons. The full effect of your efforts will not be achieved if some of it is absorbed by clothing. You need to see yalova escort exactly where you are striking and the effects of the strokes to be sure that your work continues to be completely safe. Finally you should have the pleasure of seeing the results of your work as you do it.

When she is told that she is to be spanked, a woman should be required to present herself naked before her HoH. It is a matter of individual preference, but in most cases it will be best to require her to present on her knees before her HoH to be told the extent of her punishment or maintenance and to receive any verbal discipline. She may also be required to collect the discipline implements and deliver them to her man.

Not all spankings are of a specific number, but where they are it is a good additional control to require her to call out the strokes.

When the spanking is complete, she should again present herself on her knees before her HoH and thank him for giving her the correction or reminder she required. The thanks may only be verbal or could include an oral thanking service.


The traditional over the knee (otk) position is fine for a hand spanking of the bottom and it creates a close, loving contact that can be very pleasant. It is not really very good if you are using a spanking implement because you cannot get into a good enough position to deliver well aimed and effective strokes.

To spank any other part of the body and to deliver a sound thrashing with any kind of implement you need to go beyond otk. The bed is a very versatile place. Face down and with two or three pillows under her is excellent for any hard bottom spanking.

Breast spanking is best done standing or in an upright kneeling position. Ensure that the breasts themselves are receiving the strokes and they are not falling on the ribs. Special care must be taken if she is small breasted and in most case nothing heavier than a crop should be used on the breasts. It will sometimes be good to have her hold her breasts up to be spanked.

Having her lying on her back grasping her ankles wide apart is a good position for spanking the vagina and the inner thighs.

Flat on the back is fine for spanking the belly. Do not go as high as the ribs or as low as the hips.


The hand is the most convenient spanking implement and the one which everybody should start off with. But this site is for ultras and the hand will never be enough on its own.

The range of belts. floggers, paddles, whips, canes, etc is enormous and I will not go into them in detail. It is a good idea to stick to the ancient rule of thumb. That is never to use a cane thicker than your thumb. Swishy and whippy is better than heavy and thudding. Punishment is meant to be painful, but it is not intended to injure.

Some implements are better suited to some tasks than others. A belt or flogger is good for use on the vagina although some people like to use a wooden spoon. The crop is good on the breasts (remember the Story of O). Every implement that is fit for spanking can be used on the bottom. The cane should not be used on the breasts unless she is particularly suitable and you both know what can be done without injury.

How much and how often

Whether you limit the session by number of strokes or by length of time, there needs to be a fixed limit that you set before you start and you stick to it. If she misbehaves, or fails to maintain standards while she is being spanked you can add to the original tariff, but at all times control must be maintained. Everybody is different so it is not possible to specify a fixed amount of punishment as a limit. The guidance must always be to ensure that injury is avoided. Failure to maintain reasonable discipline will be harmful to your marriage, but losing control and going beyond the boundaries of what your partner can take will destroy the most valuable thing in your life.

Some people have daily spankings and sometimes even more than once a day, but this is the exception. It is more normal for maintenance to be once or twice a week. Punishment must be as often as it zonguldak escort is needed and if there are too many punishment spankings there will need to be an increase in maintenance. The point is to get the session to be sufficiently painful to be a deterrent to misbehaviour and then the frequency will not need to be too great.

The joys of Tit Whipping

Your first requirement is to ensure that you have a woman with big enough tits. If she has got a couple of fried eggs you will end up thrashing her ribs and that is no good at all. It helps to push the tits out and you can do this by tying them tight at the base. You could use washing line or similar cord, but it is better and quicker to use broad elastic such as might be used in the waist band of a skirt or underpants. Have her sew the elastic into two rings tight enough to squeeze the base of her tits so that they jut out and go red from the constriction of blood flow. After a while the tits will go purple.

The cane is not a good implement for tit punishment. Those of you who have read ‘The Story of O’ will know that she considered the riding crop to be the perfect instrument for tit whipping. It is very nice, but it hurts a lot. O was able to take very severe punishment and you need to have lighter alternatives as well. A multi-tailed leather shoelace whip is very good and you can also use a leather belt. Some paddles are OK, especially leather ones. Of course you can use your hand, but it doesn’t produce beautiful marks and it is not adequate for thorough punishment.

Tits are beautiful things to be enjoyed and they become even more beautiful when striped with welts and coloured with the many shades of bruising.. When you are ready to punish her tits, select the implements that you are going to use, put on her tit bands and you may also wish to handcuff her behind her back or tie her wrists together to keep her hands out of the way. She must be naked and the best starting position is kneeling upright. Warm up with some lighter strokes on the top of the tits and increase the strength of the blows or change to a heavier implement after a few opening strokes. When you have thoroughly marked the tops of her tits get her up onto her feet, lift one tit by the nipple and start work on the sides and underneath. When you have done enough on one move to the other tit and work round that.

By this time her tits will be purple and extensively marked with welts. She will probably be crying and maybe begging you to let her drink your piss or lick your ass if you will stop the punishment. When you are happy with your work and think that she has had enough punishment, why not give her a bladder full and let her get her tongue in your sphincter. Do it in front of a mirror so that you can watch her battered tits wobble as her head goes in and out of your ass.

When you have had enough of this attention why not make her dress with a very low cut, revealing top and call your mates round for a drink. You will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Pubic Hair

Men can have hair wherever it grows. No more need be said about that.

For ladies, you cannot be truly naked in front of your man with a bush between your legs. It must be removed completely. It is no more acceptable to cover your crotch with hair than it is to have hairy armpits or a moustache.

Whether you do it by shaving regularly, using depilatory creams or having it removed more permanently, an important part of your presentation is to see that you are perfectly smooth without a hint of stubble whenever you are in the presence of your HoH.

Oral Thanks

A woman’s most important sexual organ is her mouth. It is her mouth that may have earned her punishment,but also her mouth by which she may complete her opportunity to give thanks to her HoH after he has given her the correction she needs and deserves.

When a punishment spanking has been completed it is appropriate for a woman to kneel before her man and thank him for her correction. Her thanks will be accepted and the infraction giving rise to the punishment will have been erased, but she may well zonguldak escort feel the need to demonstrate her thanks more fully and reinforce the leadership of her man by servicing him more fully with her mouth.


The trusty blow job is always appreciated and a woman can show the sincerity of her thanks and her desire to serve by sucking her man to completion. It is disrespectful to spit out, or otherwise dispose of, his ejaculate so she should swallow it. Many men like to see their seed in the mouth before it is swallowed and if this is the case,she should make sure that she does so.

Expert sucking, licking and tongue work will be excellent service. However, if your man becomes very aroused during this service he may wish to take control of your head and penetrate your throat. You should surrender your throat to him in exactly the same way as you would receive him in your vagina or anus. To do so without gagging or being sick is an acquired skill and it is better that you should thoroughly learn it before he wants to have your throat vigorously after punishment. In the normal course of gentle love making there will be opportunities to swallow your HoH’s member when you are fellating him if he has not already required this from you. Take every opportunity to learn and make him aware that you are keen to learn.

Fellatio to completion will be a perfect sealing of a woman’s thanks to her HoH in many if not most circumstances. On the occasions when she wishes to show greater humility there are at least two options that she may consider requesting to perform.


Whether it is immediately after punishment or when fellatio has been completed, a woman may ask her HoH if she might lick his anus. If he agrees she will kneel behind him, spread his buttocks and press her tongue to his sphincter. She will then lick vigorously around the entrance and probe with her tongue for as long as he wishes her to continue. Stimulation by the tongue of the sensitive nerve ends around the anus is especially pleasurable and will earn his approval as well as reinforcing the extent of her contrition and thanks.

Living Urinal

For those women who cannot imagine having urine in their mouth, it should first be made clear that in a healthy person (and you should know that your man is healthy) it is completely sterile and it will certainly not do you any harm. Remember that this man is the most important person in your life. He loves, nurtures and supports you and you have recently done something that has required him to punish you. Your spanking was not pleasant and urine will not be your first choice of drink, but there is no better way for you to show your complete humility and devotion than to ask to take his waste.

You should kneel before him and ask if you might be allowed to serve as his urinal. There are two techniques and it is a matter of preference which you choose. In the first option you will take him into your mouth and close your lips around his penis. When the flow starts you will begin to swallow and continue until he is finished. You will then lick him clean. If he has a strong flow it may take a little practice to ensure that you a re able to swallow quickly enough to be sure that you do not cough and cause spillage.

The other option is to hold your mouth open and have him fill it and then stop. He can see your mouth filled with urine and you swallow each mouthful one by one. Your HoH may appreciate the additional visual stimulation from this method, but it subjects him to the inconvenience of stopping his flow each time your mouth is full. It is entirely a matter of choice and you should discover the preference of your man.

For some couples urinal duty, or even analingus, is beyond their limits of acceptability. Fair enough, it is a personal choice, but when you enter ultra DD this degree of service should be a part of the relationship even if it is only required on rare occasions.

One final point. If the HoH requires any of these things at any time his woman should be ready and willing to perform them and to expect punishment if she demurs in any way, but for her to offer this special adoration of her man in thanks for his leadership will help to cement the relationship, improve happiness and give her the enormous security and contentment that comes from knowing she appreciates her man to the fullest extent possible.

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