A Kinkier Workout Option 02

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(This is the second option from msmaggie’s challenge. Check out the first option if you haven’t already.)


Sonia was still recovering from the last workout she had from Rick. As she slowly showered herself in readiness for her daily workout, she decided to run a razor over her pussy just to ensure that it was nice and bare just in case Rick wanted to repeat his performance from the day before. She had never in a long time swallowed so much cum, especially from such a hot guy as Rick. She was already imagining his face with his eyes closed as she swallowed his load. The thought of those beautiful brown eyes looking at her like the dirty slut she was acting like made her weak in the knees and her hand immediately felt the bareness of her clit as she imagined. It was only three slow rubs over her vulva lips and her climax was almost paralyzing.

As she left the shower, she thought about the outfit she was going to wear that day. She decided against wearing underwear since the leopard print leotard almost had no coverage of it. As she slipped the leotard onto her naked frame, she felt it grab onto her breasts and squeeze them against her, making her nipples harden almost automatically. She could feel her pussy moisten the fabric rubbing against her pussy and the bareness of it only made things more sensitive. As she headed down towards the gym area, she heard her cell phone ring. She went over to where it was charging and looked at the display to see it was her baseball player husband.

“Hello, darling,” she said as she breathed a bit out of relief.

“Hey, baby, are you getting ready for your workout?” It seemed like her husband always knew what she was up to.

“Yeah, baby. Rick should be here any minute and he’s whipping my cute ass into shape just niğde escort like you wanted.” Her voice was upbeat and very chipper.

“Are you wearing that sexy leopard leotard for him? I bet he’d take it easy on you if you did.” Sonia was shocked that her husband would even mention the leotard much less suggest she wear it.

“No Hun, just wearing the usual shorts and t shirt. I’m married to you, so why would I want to drive dick crazy?”

“Don’t you mean Rick, darling?” Sonia felt crimson on her cheeks as she realized she had been caught.

“It’s ok, love. Rick’s a handsome guy and as long as you are ready for me to get home, I’m ok with it.” Sonia smiled as she got her husband’s approval. As she headed towards the door, she saw Rick’s face looking around the glass. She started feeling wet just seeing him there. She opened the door and almost freaked out when there was another guy equally as handsome. Rick whistled at her choice of workout wear. Sonia blushed slightly before walking down towards the workout room, saying her hips. She looked back and saw Rick more relaxed, but the other guy was slightly stiff and not in the good way. She began her workout on the treadmill as usually and could feel the material rubbing both her nipples and pussy. Rick walked over and came closer to her.

“My pal’s ok. You can relax around him,” he said as he pulled down the strap on her left side. He left the fabric hung on her nipple so he could tease her more before he walked to the other side and undid that strap as well. She kept walking as she saw his friend sitting on the bench, his ring on his left hand shining.

“He’s married?” Sonia asked. Rick kissed her along the neck as he boarded the treadmill behind her.

“He’s my brother in law.” ordu escort Rick undid the top and dropped the fabric below her breasts and started to play with her nipples in front of him. Sonia closed her eyes and moaned as Rick’s hands kept moving along his nipples. Rick stopped the treadmill and guided Sonia over to the decline bench. He sat her down and proceeded to strap her hands above her head. He then unzipped his pants and began to run his cock along her lips. Sonia opened her mouth and allowed his cock to enter her mouth. She was so concerned with Rick’s dick in her mouth that she neglected to feel the other guy’s presence near her legs until the fabric covering her naked pussy was moved. She felt some inexperienced fingers slowly rubbing the smooth skin.

“Man, I have never seen a shaved pussy,” he said before he lowered his head and licked it.”It is extremely wet too. Dude, she is such a slut.” He began licking her in earnest as Rick’s dick found its place inside her throat. Rick was comforting Sonia as she sucked him off while struggling with her bonds. Her moans were muffled by his dick. She could feel herself letting go with the tongue in her pussy and Rick in her favorite place for his dick.

Soon Sonia could hear Rick tell Shawn to switch places. As Shawn moved his dick to her mouth, Rick slid his dick into her pussy. Rick marveled as her tightness swallowed up his cock. Shawn was excited to feel her mouth sucking on his dick. It was taking every bit of concentration to keep from cumming in her mouth. Her mouth felt like a vice on his dick as Rick’s jackhammer penetrated her. Shawn had to pull his dick out of her mouth quickly as Rick’s fucking caused Sonia to scream out loud. The loud was piercing through the open room.

Rick then told Shawn rize escort to take the cuffs off of her. They then all adjourned to her room where the bed was waiting. Sonia pushed Shawn onto the bed and started to lick his cock a little before she straddled him and took her into her pussy. Sonia looked down at him and asked if his wife fucked him like that. She then started to squeeze his dick inside her as she began to bounce up and down. She concentrated fully on taking Shawn in as much as she could. It wasn’t long until Shawn began to struggle before telling Sonia that he was close. Sonia reassured him that she was on the pill before she squeezed him one last time and felt his cum painting his portrait inside her pussy.

As she slowly rose up from him, Rick came up from behind and told her to stay there. She could feel something being rubbed against her rosebud as she bent backwards towards him. Soon she felt something slide inside her virgin ass as she moaned loudly. Rick continued to finger her ass while Shawn moved to the spot on the bed where Sonia could take his dick back into her mouth. One finger slowly became two as Sonia pushed against his hand. Rick then climbed on the bed and eased his cock head inside her. Sonia removed her mouth from Shawn’s growing member and begged for him to fuck her tight ass. Shawn grabbed Sonia by her head and pushed her back on his dick while Rick slid in a little more.

Sonia’s ass yielded to Rick’s advances and Rick began to pound her hard. Soon he grabbed Sonia by her hair and pulled on it while fucking her. He started calling her his rich bitch slut as he slammed into her ass once more time and spewed forth his seed inside her bowels. Sonia’s head was then pushed back on Shawn’s dick where he shot forth a load inside her mouth. Sonia swallowed as much as he could before she rolled over and lay down. Rick then started to ask Shawn questions about if a rich bitch felt as good as his sister. Shawn asked if she was available for another lesson the next week.

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