A Journal of Truth Ch. 05



The day after the party at Val’s was the day from hell for me. I was exhausted from little sleep and a lot of fucking. My pussy was still throbbing as I was at my desk, finishing up the week’s work, ready to fly home the next morning and get some R&R.

Finishing up late at the office, I drove to my hotel to begin the packing process. I showered first, getting myself off as I re-lived last night’s activities in my head. I dried myself, threw on a robe and packed for the trip home, the whole time, thinking about last night.

It got me horny, okay?

Finished with the packing, I started surfing some favorite porn sites on my laptop.

Yes, women like porn too, at least, some of us do.

And, yes, it got me hornier, and I soon realized, hungrier. I hadn’t eaten since mid-morning and my stomach soon let me know that it needed some food.

Reaching for the desk phone, I called out for delivery pizza and found out that I was late, that the shop had just closed. Using my best flirty voice, I convinced the young man on the other end to cook up a small pizza and he agreed to drop it off on his way home.

Yeah, I know it sounds like a bad porn plot, but it is what it is.

In the hour it took for him to show up at my door, pizza in hand, I had continued to Bostancı Escort peruse various porn sites, getting hornier by the minute.

I had tripped upon a site showing MILFs with younger guys, and gals, and, well, it certainly had my mind thinking about it when I heard the knocking on my door.

Getting up from the desk to answer the door, the laptop was still on the MILF site, still on the video of an older women giving a teenager head. I opened the door and took in the fact, quickly, that the young man was a good-looking, though a bit nerdy-looking, guy of teenage years.

No, I don’t know how old he was but I don’t really care. Didn’t care that night, and certainly don’t care now.

It happened, okay?

He followed me to the desk where I had my purse. Reaching for it, my eyes took in the video playing on my laptop, seeing the MILF licking the cum from the guy’s cock. Turning to pay the young man, I had an urge hit me, an urge to suck on a younger guy’s cock.

Giving in to my evil twin, I held out the money and when he reached for change, I told him to keep it for a tip.

“Want another tip as well?” I asked him while still holding on to the bills.

“Sure,” he said, his voice a bit strained, not knowing, for sure, what I was referring Kadıköy Escort to.

Dropping the money to the floor, I suddenly took his face between my hands, pulling his mouth to mine, sliding my tongue deep into his surprised throat. Reaching down to his crotch with one of my hands, I found, and gripped, his semi-erect cock through his jeans, rubbing him hard, getting him harder as I continued to tongue-fuck his mouth.

Leading him to the bed, I sat him on the edge, knelt down between his legs and started unbuckling his belt, zipping down his jeans as he stared at me and my busy hands. Unbuckled and unzipped, I yanked his jeans to his knees, followed quickly by his briefs, from which sprang his nicely-sized, pink dick. Grinning up at him as I stroked his dick in my hand, I kept my eyes on his face as I lowered my mouth to his cock, slowly sucking him into it until my lips felt his pubic hair and bone.

One of the reasons I like sucking cock is my ability to deep-throat. I like to deep-throat and his young dick proved to be no problem for me to do so.

Moving my head up and down, my mouth slid on his shaft, my saliva and his pre-cum combining to produce a glistening sheen on his cock. The more I sucked, the harder he got, the hornier I became until I was sucking Göztepe Escort him hard and noisily. He came quickly, flooding my mouth and throat with his cum, my mouth loving the taste as I licked and swallowed his jism. Finally finished, he spasmed a final time as I lifted my head from his lap, his dick still in my hand, his cum drippng from the corners of my mouth, a smile on both of our faces.

You know the thing about younger guys? They recover quickly from climaxes. And so it was with him, and when he had done so, I took off my robe, pulled him between my legs and fucked his brains out, and mine, for a very long time.

And when he came, he filled me with another boatload of cum. When he finished with his ejacualtion, I pushed him down between my legs and pulled his head until his mouth was soon sucking his own cum from me.

If he had any second thoughts about eating pussy and tasting cum, he hid it well. When I came, I pulled his face hard against my grinding pussy, loving the slurping sounds from between my legs. When I was finished, I zipped him back up, and sent him on his way, a smile of delight and confusion on his face.

This little tryst Hubby did know about because I told him.

After I had closed, and locked, my door behind the exiting Pizza Boy, I went to the desk, opened the pizza box and grabbed a slice. Picking up the phone as I slowly took in the delightful taste of the pizza, I called Hubby at home.

“Hi,” I said into the mouthpiece, “Want to hear about my night?”

He did…

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