A Girl’s Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 22

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“Only in the fairy tale, does a girls dream come true” By: precious

Chapter 22

Meanwhile the kids were in the kitchen and living room putting some things away. They know their mom will want to do things a certain way which will be her way, so they just took things out of packages and bagged the trash.

They did say to each other how they liked Mr. Braxton, Chris and how they think it will be ok. They talked about their cool phones, new clothes and things for their room.

“Hey guys we are going to Uncle Gary and Aunt Kari’s house for pizza. We can work on all this later. Baby, do we need to get this furniture out of here for the new furniture to come in?”

“They said they would take it away for me, but I would like to donate it somewhere.”

“I will see if my guys will come over here tomorrow and move everything. What time are they supposed to deliver?”

“I asked them to make it 2:00 so I could have time to clean it all up and move it.”

“Great, the guys come in at noon and I can ask them tonight when I go lock up. You do not need to be lifting these things.”

David said, “Yeah, she’s not supposed to lift anything heavy. Have you told him about your arm, or the Fibro?”

“No she hasn’t but that’s ok, she and I will be talking this evening. Even if she eskişehir escort didn’t have health issues I wouldn’t let my lady do all that lifting. Now let’s get shoes and whatever else we need and go get in the car.”

They went to Gary and Kari’s and had a blast it was as if they had been doing this for years.

The kids were excited and showed Adam and Melissa the cell phones.

They were really happy for their friends. Their dad got their cell phones a long time ago and had always hoped that David and Michelle’s mom would find someone.

Someone who could give to them like their dad is able to do.

Before, during and after pizza Chris kept his hands on Trish at all times. If he didn’t have his arm around her or holding her hand he had his hand on her back or shoulder.

Kari and Gary gave each other looks of knowing things would be ok.

Melissa asked, “Are yall going to stay the night again tonight?”

Michelle answered, “I don’t know. I know Mr. Brax Chris said they had to sort some things out and talk some more. I am going to have to get use to calling him that. Maybe we should ask though.”

Adam said, “Maybe if you two tell them you are ok with them needing time it will help. I was here yesterday when all this went down. It was while Michelle gaziantep escort was at dance practice.

I am not going to tell what all I seen and heard because that just isn’t cool but it was very touching and if it is possible I think this man could really love your mom.”

David asked, “Did something happen that caused all this?”

“Far as we all know none of this was planned. They both ended up here at nearly the same time and met. The rest is history. There was laughing and crying and total grown up mushy stuff going on. I just let the x-box entertain me and stayed away.

They laughed.

David said, “For sure.”

Melissa said, “Let’s go talk to them.”

When they came in the room Trish was sitting on Chris’s lap and he was caressing her back with one hand and had his other arm across her thighs.

Gary was talking to Chris and Kari was serving more drinks. The kids had helped throw out the pizza boxes before they went off to their rooms. They saw the kids coming in.

Michelle stood next to Chris, he took the arm that was resting on Trish’s lap and put it around Michelle and pulled her close.

“What’s up sweetie?”

“We were wondering if we were going to stay here again tonight when you and mom go take care of those other giresun escort things.”

“We hadn’t asked them actually. You kids are old enough to stay home and I was going to be at your place for a while helping mom put some things away but if Uncle Gary doesn’t mind and you want to stay I do not see where there would be a problem.”

Gary said, “I don’t mind. This has been their second home for a long time now.

They all laughed.

Trish notices how Michelle went to Chris and how it all came so natural the way he answered her.

Kari noticed too and she and Trish just smiled at each other.

Chris told her, “We will take you by the house to get some things and then bring you back ok?”

Michelle answered, “Ok” All smiles then her and Melissa go off giggling.

The girls told the guys.

David told Adam how he was going to go shopping for things to decorate his room and asked for his opinion and such. Adam told him that Chris has good taste and was telling him about Chris’s sound and game system.

Chris came and asked Adam and David if they wanted to ride to get some things for David and Michelle so they could stay the night again.

The boys did so they asked Michelle what she wanted and all the guys’ even Gary went to the apartment to get the two kids some things.

Just before going Chris pulled Trish to the side, hugged and lightly kissed her.

He snuggled her neck and whispered how he will be back soon.

“I will be back soon precious. You smell very good.”

He kissed her neck.

“Let’s go guys.”

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