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I want to fuck a dragon.

I can say I grew up surrounded by them. No, I’m not delusional and I learned long ago, and to my immense sadness, that dragons are not real (though there was a very brief moment of hope when I learned of Komodo dragons). I guess a more accurate phrasing would be that I grew up surrounded by the image of dragons. My parents are old school role-players, I’m talking Dungeons and Dragons first edition, and fantasy artwork adorned our home for as long as I can remember. Pictures of dragons, elves and dwarfs to name but a few hung on the walls or stood in frames between photos of me at various milestones.

I grew up surrounded by dozens of them, each picture highlighting at least one draconic aspect. Some showed the dragon in flight: soaring over the land on widespread wings. Others portrayed them standing proud with their muscular, scaled bodies, serpentine necks and tails. A couple emphasized the terrible power of their breath weapons laying waste to the puny bipeds that had opposed them.

None were Pete’s Dragon. Sod that hippo.

My favourite picture was of a dragon and his hoard. The dragon looked smug as hell as he lay coiled around a mass of wealth of coins and gemstones. His scales were a rich crimson and his wings were folded against his back as wisps of smoke curled from his nostrils. His head was turned into his body, his half-lidded eyes lazily regarding a gorgeous brunette. She wore a diaphanous white robe that clung to her impressive curves as she reclined against his hips and trailed one hand over her stomach. Best of all, she looked at the dragon just as smugly as he looked at her.

I meant it when I said I wanted to fuck a dragon. I’m sure this woman is a big part of why. I don’t want to be mounted and fucked, some sort of sacrificial villager to appease their wicked master. I want to be his equal, to take his cock in me because I wanted it.

I think this may have been why I was a late bloomer, sexually speaking. I heard of masturbation in school, sure, but in a very clinical manner that really undersold just how fun it could be. That did not entice experimentation. Then again, sharing my room with my siblings was also a buzzkill so maybe that’s not to blame. Regardless, it wasn’t until the freedom of my own room at University that I actually explored the sensations of solo play. I haven’t stopped more than a decade later.

My first masturbatory experiences were an exercise in frustration. Just lying in bed and touching myself did almost nothing for me. I moved on to fantasizing about my new housemates in halls, but I’ve always been attracted to personality types rather than bodies (well, non-scaley ones) and didn’t know any of them well enough for that to work.

But I’d brought that picture with me as a reminder from home. And Lord Red and I? Well, we had a long history from my youth.

I’d gaziantep olgun escort lie in bed, fingering my clit as I imagine what it’d be like to lean against his hardened scales. Would they be rough or smoothed by his time wallowing in his riches? Cool like a reptile’s or warmed by the fires in his belly? How would it feel to press my naked body to his? To press my hard nipples against his toughened skin, to feel his body with my own.

I climaxed every time Lord Red helped. If I was thinking of someone else, anyone else, no matter how hot I found them, I had nowhere near the same guarantee of the big O. You may have noticed I stayed gender neutral there and that is for a very good reason. Like so many teens, I struggled with my sexuality and found myself attracted to men and women as well as dragons (though they are always male to me, go figure). These days I know I’m a homoromantic bisexual or, as a friend summed it up far better, ‘mostly gay’.

When I was with my first boyfriend a few weeks into my first semester, I pushed aside my fantasies. Dragons are not real, he was. I wanted to focus my efforts on being normal and fitting in. I wanted double dates with my friends, making out in the movies and actual real-life sex with another person. And I did that stuff. I dated a couple of guys in school, at University I joined the LGBT and found myself far more comfortable lounging around with the fairer sex.

Anyway, this is all beside the point and ancient history these days. I’m writing this to share how, in some small way, I finally got my wish.

See, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to me. I’ve always had a few pounds more than I’d wish and now I’m in my thirties those few have made some friends. I enjoy some pornography and quite a chunk of erotica as an aid to my masturbation, but I rarely use more than my fingers to get off. Fingers I can lick or wipe clean as I want, but the toys I own are generally in a different room and would then need cleaning. If I’m at my PC and ‘enjoying’ myself, as it were, I don’t want to interrupt proceedings to wander off and get them.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was bored and horny. I’ve been single for a while and never really did the whole casual sex side of the lesbian scene – never been a fan of the drama there – so I settled in to jill off. I fancied something visual rather than literary so I poked around some free porn sites.

In case any readers here on Literotica don’t know how they work, just think of YouTube but lewd. I loaded up a favourite (as ever wondering why they named it after a hamster) and went to their top-rated videos. I quickly spied a video of a cute redhead fucking her arse with a toy, debated grabbing my own to mimic her, had a wave of laziness and just clicked the link.

It began with her peeling off her knickers to reveal gaziantep oral yapan escort her ginger landing strip and glistening labia. Her undies had that delicious moment of sticking to her pussy before pinging down. My hand mirrored hers as we reached down and teased ourselves. I shivered at the wonderful tickle of my fingers on my labia, teasing them longer than the hottie in the video before moving to my clit.

By the time my finger began to work my nub properly, Red had taken up her dildo and began giving it a slobbering blow job. We all have our kinks and I do enjoy watching some fellatio (I said was only mostly gay) but only when a real cock is involved as I want to see the pleasure some guy is getting. People getting off is the most consistent trend amongst my habits. So I reached up with my left hand (my right kept me ticking over, she’d move on soon after all) and tapped the down arrow on the keyboard to have a nose at the other videos similar to my ginger ass lover.

I skimmed the first line, blinked and then stared in shock at the still near the end of the second row. It showed a naked woman squatting right hand before my snatch, a toy sitting on its base in front of her. It was the toy that grabbed my attention. It was absolutely a phallus and just as clearly not a representation of a human cock. It was titled Bad Dragon 6.

You’ve never seen me move so fast. I grabbed the mouse with slick fingers. In my haste it took two attempts to click the image. I maximised it, shoved the keyboard shelf back under the desk and quickly adjusted myself so that I slumped back in my chair, legs spread wide and my pussy open. This, I knew, would be a session that needed both hands.

The scene opened with the woman already impaled. Fuck it looks hot. Her cunt lips spread wide, far wider than any cock had taken me, around the ridged purple shaft. Fucking ridged! I’d never thought of that before, the dragon cocks in my fantasies had always been smooth, large but essentially human-like aside from colouration. This ridged dick almost moved with a life of its own as she bounced a little. The base must not have had suction because she had to hold it as she moved. As her body lifted, I could see the toy grew wide towards the middle. It did not have a knot like a dog’s would, but instead was swollen in the middle with a sloping bulge.

I was amazed and almost absent-mindedly drove my hands to my own pussy, right hand on clit duty, two fingers of my left plunging into my dripping hole. I drew them back, staring as she twisted the toy and wishing I could feel the scale patterned ridges roaming my cunt walls.

This was no two-finger wank. This needed more and I added a third.

The dragon rider lifted too far and the delicious cock sprang free of her confines to give me my first gaziantep otele gelen escort proper look at it. It was long, bulbous as I’d already seen and tapered to a form of pyramid shape at the tip, almost like an ovipositor. It was maybe a little longer than I expected, thinning continually to the tip and while it had a slight swelling it looked nothing like a guy’s bell end. The top half was ivory, the lower a royal purple. It was glorious and seeing the woman press it to her clit and roll her hips renewed my hands work on my sex.

It wasn’t as rigid as I would hope and she took an effort to keep it from slipping out of her slit. Fuck! I plunged my fingers in as she buried it back inside her, took the base and slowly turned it. I wish I had this. I wish it was in my pussy, not my same old boring fingers. I want to feel those ridges as I fuck myself, want to feel them ripple through my cunt. A wicked idea flashes through me as I see the dildo half leaves her pussy, her lips stretched wide. Fingers deep in me, I pull my middle digit back a little and press the tip against my other two fingers. The lower knuckle stands out from her companions. I pull them down and arch involuntarily. It’s a substitute, and likely a poor one, but fuck me am I enjoying this.

I can feel the chair shake a little as my efforts gain in vigour. My now-ridged fingers are fucking my pussy, my other hand is playing my clit like a fine-tuned machine. I know my orgasm is close, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach, hungrily waiting to steal my body from me, and in the ache of my nipples, wishing they had something to press against or, better yet, to nip and suckle at them. To draw them out to that point where pleasure and pain mix beautifully.

I glance greedily at the screen to see her now resting on her knees, hands manipulating the cock to half leave her pussy then her thumbs force the cock back into her. I groan despite myself, staring with longing. I want to be her I think as my thighs tense. I want that cock fucking my cunt as my shoulders and pectorals. I want to feel the ridges…

That was what I needed to leap the precipice. My climax explodes from my pussy with an ecstatic cry of triumph. My legs thrust out, stabilizing me somewhat as I convulse in the chair. My fingers are thankfully deep enough that my clenching feels amazing, rather than just expelling them from me. My breasts shudder, exaggerating the spasms that pulse from my cunt. I can hear sounds of her pleasure coming from my computer, echoing my own wet moans.

My orgasm dies off slowly and thoughts start to form. First, where can I order that dildo? I am definitely expanding my rather paltry range of toys. Second, that was video 6? Hell yeah, at least five more to fuck myself silly over. And third? Well, my third thought wipes out the other two.

I really, really want to fuck a dragon!


This is a work of fiction that I wrote about five years ago and originally published elsewhere. I’m saying that straight off as when I originally posted it, I was accused of writing a journal entry on a fiction forum.

Which is the most amusing compliment for my work I’ve had to date, in all honesty.

Anyways, if you have any thoughts or criticism then please let me know.

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