A Daughter’s Sex Ed Ch. 02



All characters are eighteen years of age and older, as stated throughout the story. This is simply a work of fiction and is not based on true events.

Jeff woke early the following morning and went straight to the gym to clear his head. What he allowed himself to be talked into was disturbing, he thought, but enjoying it on the level he did horrified him.

His daughter Ella reminded him of her mother on so many levels. None of which were sexual until he found her lingerie on the bathroom floor. Now his daughter reminded him of his wife on every level.

Returning home from the gym Jeff found a note from his wife letting him know she’d gone food shopping, and she was going to pop in to see her mother. Hearing his daughter pottering around upstairs inside her bedroom, he crumpled the note up in anger then quietly made his way upstairs into his bedroom. Quietly closing the door behind him, he got undressed and jumped into the en-suite shower.

Images of the previous night came flooding back, or rather the feelings did. As Jeff washed his body he became erect, but the last thing he wanted was to start masturbating over his daughter. He tried to blank it out but it was a struggle, so he turned the shower to cold water only. The sudden cold shock seemed to do the trick. He stepped out of the shower cubicle refreshed and alert, back in control of his thoughts.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Jeff flicked his head around and quickly put a pair of shorts on. “Just a second! I’ve only just gotten out of the shower!”

“It’s ok, dad,” Ella came walking in. “I can’t see anything anyway,” she giggled.

“Ella! What are you doing?” Jeff exclaimed.

His eighteen-year-old daughter was standing before his very eyes wearing a dressing gown and a blindfold.

“Don’t tell mum, but put this on,” she giggled, tossing another blindfold across the room. It completely missed her father and landed on the bed.

“Ella, listen to me. We can’t do this… what we did… you know… last night. We just can’t.”

“What if I stay blindfolded this time, and you don’t, so you get to see everything?” Ella suggested. “I just wanna practise again, daddy,” she giggled again.

“Ella!” Jeff sighed and put his hands over his face. He couldn’t believe what was happening. “This isn’t right. Last night was your mothers crazy idea. You can’t just come in here and….” Jeff immediately stopped talking and as if an invisible cloak of paralysis was pulled over him.

Ella had dropped her dressing gown to reveal her young, teenage body, clad in the lingerie her mother bought for her eighteenth birthday. The very lingerie Jeff had masturbated into. But that wasn’t what was on his mind.

“You look incredible,” he gasped, instantly blinded by his lust.

On shaky legs, Ella walked towards her father with her hands fumbling behind her back.

“Don’t do this, Ella. Please don’t,” Jeff gulped.

“Don’t do what, daddy?” Ella croaked, trying to appear confident as she unclasped her lace bra and dropped it from her body.

“Oh lord! Please say this isn’t happening!” Jeff begged the heavens above.

“Don’t you like my tits anymore, daddy? Ella smirked, unable to see, but knowing where her father’s eyes were fixed.

“You shouldn’t go around teasing men, Ella. I might be your father but I’m still a man!” he warned his daughter through gritted teeth.

“That’s what mum said,” she giggled, standing a metre in front of her father in just a skimpy pair of black lace panties.

Jeff glanced the full length of his daughters firm curves and kept his teeth gritted in silence. Her tits were perfect, he thought. Full, round and firm. Her nipples were pointing hard at him. surrounded by dark, large areolas. He wasn’t thinking about a blowjob. He wanted to fuck his daughter now.

“Did your mother put you up to this?” Jeff battled with his emotions and desires.

“She said I could practice giving head on you as long as you were ok with it,” Ella shrugged, suddenly feeling vulnerable in her blinded, exposed state.

“You need to leave my bedroom, Ella, before I do something we both regret.”

Ella hadn’t heard her father speak with such dominance and threat in his tone since she was accused of stealing money from his wallet. She had stolen it, but she was only ten years old at the time. It sent chills up her spine which resulted in her nipples becoming sensitive and her clit throbbing. She inhaled a deep nervous breath but said and did nothing.

Jeff walked past his daughter and opened the bedroom door. “You need to leave, Ella. Please! Pick up your bra and dressing gown and go back to your bedroom!” It was an order.

With her back to her father, Ella hooked her thumbs in at the sides of her lace panties and began to pull them down.

“I mean it, Ella! This isn’t right!” But his daughter ignored him and bent forwards at the waist. “Oh Jesus!” he murmured, as he watched his daughter peeling her panties down her legs.

Her young, eighteen-year-old, virgin pussy came into view. Like olgun gaziantep escort a ripe, succulent peach, it’s tightly closed lips had Jeff’s mouth watering.

“This is your last warning, Ella! I mean it!”

Ella trembled, but her fathers threatening tone further aroused her. What’s he gonna do? She asked herself. Make me suck his cock? She grinned at the prospect of repeating last nights fun.

Jeff was angry. Angrily aroused by his daughter teasing him on a level that would get her in trouble with any other straight guy on the planet. He watched her turn around to face him as she held her hanging panties by the tip of her finger.

She stood there in silence, blindfolded, waiting for her fathers reaction. Jeff glanced the length of his daughters body once more and inhaled a deep breath through his nostrils. Her mound was shaven and he could see the hourglass figure his wife used to have. Ella giggled when she heard the bedroom door close and her father exhale in frustration. Sexual frustration. She then jumped and unintentionally dropped her panties when she heard the door lock.

“Don’t move, Ella!” It was another order.

She daren’t move. This wasn’t learning how to give a blowjob. This was exciting on a different level. Ella remained still, listening to the sounds around her. Jeff went to his side of the bed and pulled the drawer out. Inside, there were several items he and his wife often used on each other. Jeff took out the handcuffs and closed the drawer with a deliberate bang. Ella shuddered when she heard the sound of jangling. It reminded her of a big bunch of keys, only she knew it wasn’t that. She tried to rack her brains but then gasped when she finally knew. Standing behind her naked body, her father lifted her left arm and wrapped a metal handcuff around it.

“Handcuffs?” she gasped, fearful all of a sudden.

“I thought you liked playing games, Ella?” her father taunted her and cuffed her other arm behind her back.

“Bu… wh… but what are you gonna do?”

“Whatever I want to do. Whatever I feel like doing.”

Ella gulped, feeling a level of arousal and fear like never before. “But…”

“Shhhhh!” Jeff told her, placing a finger against her lips. “Unless you want to be gagged as well as blindfolded and cuffed.” Ella shook her head no.

“Your mother taught you how to suck cock against my advice.” Ella’s breath became shallow and nervous, but equally aroused. “Now I’m going to teach you what happens when you tease a red-blooded male.”

Jeff spun his daughter around so she was facing the door with her back to him. He then brought his hands up the front of her body and cupped her big, firm, teen tits.

“Mmmmm, you remind me of when your mother was eighteen. She loved teasing guys to,” Jeff hissed into his daughters ear.

The hairs on the back of Ella’s neck shot up like pins. “What are you going to do, daddy?”

“I just told you,” he whispered into her ear. “Whatever I feel like doing. This is what happens when you offer yourself up like a whore, Ella.”

Ella gasped as her father groped her big tits. He dug his fingertips into her soft flesh and inhaled her scent. A soft sigh then escaped her lips when he started kissing her neck and rolling her nipples.

Instinctively, Ella flapped her wrists behind her back, wishing she could grab her fathers cock through his shorts. Jeff chuckled and let go of her tits. He then removed his shorts and kicked her feet apart, before slipping his hard length through the gap between her young thighs.

“Uhh!” she jolted, feeling her father’s hardness slide through her legs. His cock rubbed against her wet slit before it popped out at the front of her body.

“Mmmmm, your tight cunt is greasing my shaft already. You’re going to be a good little slut, just like your mother was when she was your age.”

“Uhh! Uncuff me!” Ella moaned, flicking her hips and rubbing her slit along her fathers shaft. “You don’t need to restrict my hands!”

“I know I don’t,” Jeff chuckled at his hot, wanton, struggling daughter. “I’m going to teach you a lesson in power, Ella.”

“God that feels so good!” she sighed. Her pussy lips were so wet they began to open and massage her fathers shaft as it massaged her pussy. “Power?” she wondered.

“All females hold the real power when it comes to sex, Ella. But at your age you’re too willing to show your tits, open your mouth and spread your legs for any guy who makes your heart flutter. You don’t realise this power until you’ve been fucked over by too many guys… too many players.”

“That won’t happen to me!” she groaned.

“I’m going to show you what happens when you fail to control that power. When you give it over so easily without fully understanding it’s meaning and consequences. I’m going to show you what happens when you meet someone like me who knows how to take control of you.”

“Oh my God, please uncuff my wrists and let me suck your cock again, daddy!” Ella was boiling with lust now.

“See gaziantep olgun escort what I mean? You’re too eager. Be patient, Ella. You’ll be sucking my cock and a lot more shortly.”

“Urrrmph!” Ella wiggled in frustration. She only wanted to get on her knees and suck her dad off while she rubbed her clit. She wasn’t prepared for what was to follow.

Jeff spun his daughter back around to face him and grabbed her big tits once more. Ella screeched then giggled as her father caressed her soft mounds firmly in his hands. Her breathing became laboured. She was super sensitive and turned on with her hands cuffed behind her back.

“How many boys have you let feel you up, Ella? How many times have you let a guy play with your tits?”

“Only three guys, daddy,” Ella breathed.

“So I’m your fourth?”

“Yes,” Ella breathed again.

“You love teasing guys, don’t you? Walking around with your cleavage pushed up and on display. Making no attempt to cover your tits.” Jeff hissed, seduced and possessed by his daughter.

“Blame mum,” Ella giggled. “She’s the one who suggests most of my clothes when we go shopping.”

“That figures,” Jeff muttered, lifting and dropping his daughters heavy bust.

Ella screeched again when she felt her body jolt towards her father. Jeff clamped his mouth around one of her hard nipples and sucked greedily, before inflicting the same intense sensation on the other one.

After a couple of minutes of licking, sucking and teasing his daughters nipples, Jeff pushed forcefully down on her shoulders.

“Go on then, Ella! Suck daddy’s cock! Just like you wanted!”

Finally, Ella thought. She fell to her knees with a thump and her tits bounced. Jeff grinned with sinister intent and pulled her head back by her ponytail.

“Please uncuff me,” she begged.

“Open your mouth you little slut! I’m going to give you what you came for!”

Ella gasped, but as she did her mouth opened and was immediately filled with cock, her fathers cock, straight to the back of her throat. Ella then spent the next five minutes learning how to deep throat a man’s cock. By the end of it Jeff was further beyond his control, and his daughter was gasping for breath, broken by the brutal face fucking she’d just received.

“Now get on the bed!” Jeff ordered, pulling Ella up by her hair and leading her towards the bed anyway.

“Now can you uncuff me,” she complained.

Jeff didn’t reply, but he did release the handcuffs, only to then handcuff his daughter to the bed.

“Tell me what you want, Ella! What would you like daddy to teach you next.”

Ella gulped and spread her legs. Jeff grinned at his bound and blindfolded daughter. Her big tits were rising and falling as she panted, and her shaven teen mound was open wide on display.

“We think alike.” Jeff chuckled and laid down between his daughters spread thighs. “Has anyone ever tasted this tight pussy before, Ella?”

She shook her head no, high on adrenaline, waiting for her father to be the first person to go down on her. Jeff obliged, dropping the dominant psycho act while he tasted his daughters sweet eighteen-year-old pussy.

“Uhhhhhm! Yes! Oh my God! Ummmmm!” Ella cried out. “Oh my God that feels so fucking good, daddy!”

Jeff went to work on his daughters hole. Licking up one side and down the other. Teasing her outer folds before flicking her clit with his tongue. Ella went crazy, wriggling about as her pussy cried out and ached to be penetrated.

Knowing full well what he was doing, Jeff teased his daughter a little longer before sliding a finger all the way up inside her. He groaned at how tight she was, knowing she was going to struggle taking his cock. Ella moaned at the tightness around her fathers finger, making her feel good, unaware what it was going to feel like to be really stretched in about five minutes time. Jeff lapped, licked, sucked and fingered her pussy. He needed Ella to be soaking wet and super relaxed for her virgin hole to stand any chance of taking his cock.

“Oh my God I’m cumming, daddy!” Ella screamed the house down. Jeff moaned into her wet pussy, tasting his daughters gushing pussy juice.

Ella thrashed about until everything finally calmed down. She blinked her eyes and shook her head, but she could still only see darkness. With her breathing almost under control, Ella gasped when she felt her father moving on the bed and holding her legs open.

“What are you doing?” she panicked.

“I’m going to fuck you, Ella. Daddy is going to fuck you and turn you into a real woman!”

“No! Anything but my virginity! I’m saving that for… a guy I’m seeing!”

Jeff wasn’t about to rape his daughter, but he wasn’t going to let her know that…yet. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly rubbed it up and down her slippery tight slit.

“Oh fuck! That feels amazing! No, daddy!”

“Relax, Ella,” he grinned, knowing it was only a matter of time. “I won’t take your virginity if you gaziantep olgun escort bayan don’t want me to. I’m just going to bring us both off by doing this.”

“Ok,” Ella sighed in relief. “It does feel good!” She breathed and relaxed.

“Of course it does,” Jeff continued grinning and rubbed the tip of his cock against his daughter’s throbbing clit.

“Fuck!” Ella grunted and flicked her hips. “Oh fuck!” she cursed again, when she felt her fathers thick bulbous head press down on her clit before it slid firmly down the centre of her pussy.

“How does that feel, Ella?” Jeff kept grinning; any minute now he knew she’d be begging him to stick his cock inside her.

Ella’s eyes rolled up into her head as her fathers cock spread her lips apart and stimulated her tight hole. She groaned the moment she thought it was going to enter her, then moaned in frustration when it didn’t.

“It feels too good, daddy!” she complained.

“What does, baby?” Jeff licked his lips and watched his cock getting wetter and wetter.

“What… you’re… doing to me,” Ella sighed and threw her head from left to right.

“I’m only massaging you with my cock until you cum, baby. Do you want me to stop?” Jeff chuckled quietly.

Ella’s pussy was now gushing. She was ready to get fucked and they both knew it. Jeff continued rubbing his cock through her glistening slit and over her clit before rubbing back down again.

“No! No! Please don’t stop until I’ve cum again!”

“As you wish, Ella.”

Jeff grinned mischievously and watched his daughters tits softly bounce as he rubbed his cock over her tight pussy and rocked her body up and down.

“I need… I need…” Ella started pleading.

Jeff rested his cock against his daughters virgin opening and pressed into it very gently with just the tip.

“What do you need, Ella, huh? Tell, daddy what you need.”

“I need you inside me,” she gasped softly, completely submissive.

“You want me to fuck you?” Jeff had to hear her say it for a couple of reasons.

“Yes. Fuck me, daddy.”

The power trip was enough alone to bring Jeff to the brink. Having his virgin daughters consent caused his balls to tighten and his cock to harden that little bit more. Leaning forwards, Jeff reached out and pulled the blindfold from his daughters head.

“This is a special moment for you, Ella. You need to remember this with your eyes as well as your feelings.”

Ella looked lost, blinking her eyes until they adjusted to the light. She then focused on her father on his knees between her legs.

“Can I lose the handcuffs now?” she hoped.

“No. You’ll be safe but I need you like that.”


“Because you look so hot and vulnerable. Because you’re a virgin and right now I’m not your father.”

Feeling confused, dazed and drunk on lust, Ella accepted her fathers decision and tried to relax, waiting for THAT moment.

“Are you ready?” Jeff whispered and pressed a little firmer, pushing his cock into her opening.

Ella winced and gasped. “Yes.”

“It’ll hurt for a second but then you’ll only feel pleasure. I promise.”

“Ok, daddy.”

“There’s a good girl.”

Jeff pushed a little deeper and felt his daughters hole stretch. The resistance was tight, very tight, and they both gasped. Ella closed her eyes and pulled on the handcuffs.

Knowing she was about to lose her womanhood sent excited shudders of anticipation throughout her aroused, teen body.

“Uhhhhhhh… daddy… uhhhhhh… yes,” Ella wilted. Nothing was going to interrupt this special moment between the pair, and Ella knew she wanted it more than anything now.

Jeff concentrated and watched his daughters reaction. Her eyes had drifted closed and he thought she looked like the hottest thing he’d ever see in his life. Handcuffed to the bed, completely submissive and complicit. Her eighteen-year-old body, virgin ripe and smooth, perfectly conditioned and responsive body was begging to be penetrated with cock.

He pushed into his daughters body slowly and tried to control his groans as much as possible. Ella moaned, looking so beautiful and sexy. Her mouth opened as she breathed and her pretty face looked so innocently aroused.

Jeff continued pushing his rock-hard cock, his thick, oversized cock, for a virgin anyway, a bit at a time into his daughters tight juicy pussy.

“Hhhhhhuuuuuuh!” Ella inhaled suddenly and deeply. “Uhhhhh!” she then exhaled in a moment of discomfort. Her hymen was gone forever.

“Rrrrmmmhph!” Jeff groaned through gritted teeth, the moment he felt and pushed through his daughters thin wall of soft tissue and into her vaginal canal.

Jeff had never taken a girls virginity before, every girl he’d ever slept with, including Ella’s mum, his wife, had already spread their legs for a guy before him.

Ella started gasping quietly and softly, knowing she was no longer a virgin, then she started panting as she felt her insides being pleasurably stretched. She’d never felt this wet before, and Jeff couldn’t believe a pussy could feel so tight around his cock.

He pushed deeper inside his daughter, groaning as he stretched through her soft, tight pussy. The wet internal walls contracted around his shaft, gripping and pulling him deeper inside. For Ella it was a different but equally enjoyable experience. Her fathers cock rubbed and stimulated her in ways she never thought were possible.

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